CULT BUY: The silk scarf that's perfect for every age and occasion.

I know, I know. Traditionally, silk scarves are reserved for ladies over a certain age to wear across their shoulders as a shawl or hipsters to wear as a headband.

And while both of those looks are iconic in their own respect, it doesn’t always leave much room for the rest of the world.

But happily, that narrow and outdated image of the silk scarf’s versatility is so last season, friends.

Just ask MOGA, the Australian start-up label whose silk crepe de chine scarves are as affordable as they are ethical and most importantly, stylish.

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Better yet, they’re something I’d not only want to buy my mum for Mother’s Day but also for myself on pay day. That is a rare fashion feat indeed because as a general rule, mother daughter dressing and clothes sharing is just generally a bit weird, isn’t it?

Retailing at AU$50, the scarves can be worn in literally dozens of ways. One quick scroll through their Instagram account shows one woman using the product as a headband, while another opts to wear it as a hijab. Another says the scarf has become her best friend during chemo, while another has styled the scarf into a summer-by-the-pool-esque turban (a look I aim to be cool enough to emulate one day, but baby steps).

And according to MOGA’s creative director, Azahn Munas, that was always the plan.

“Headscarves, in particular, have been a rather controversial topic of late,” he says.

“We want to remind people, however, that a headscarf or a shawl is a rectangular piece of fabric and ultimately everyone has the right to wear it in whatever way they choose to, whether it be around their neck, on their head or around their waist.”

Munas continues, “As a result, it should be something that brings people together as opposed to keeping them apart.”

MOGA also donates 20 per cent of all profits to the CARE Foundation, which helps send young girls to primary and secondary school in Pakistan to gain a fuller education.


Available via the MOGA website and ASOS Marketplace, the colours are – dare I say it without betraying my Melburnian love of all things monochrome – OFF THE CHARTS.

They’re bold but not garish, and as a devout head-to-toe-black-clothes-wearing kinda gal, they go with literally everything in both my summer and winter wardrobes, like all good fashion timepieces should.

And at this point, the quick price-per-wear calculation being done in my head has got me singing the justification ‘yes, yes I can buy this, woooooo’ song inside.

Join me, won’t you?

Check out MOGA’s full collection here, follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and watch their tutorial video with Bravery Co below.