You can now cuddle baby goats for a living.

Requirements: loves animals, interested in the outdoors, good with ‘kids’.

Forget Prime Minister, personal shopper or cake taster. This is officially the best job in the world.

Okay, technically it is a volunteer position, but let’s be honest, the gig pays for itself. Caromont Farm in Virginia USA are looking for volunteers to cuddle baby goats. Ninety of them.

You could be a part of this (via YouTube/Sunflower Farm Creamery):

“Beginning in February we will have kidding season volunteers to help feed baby goats, maintain cleanliness of pens, and keep them warm and dry,” they posted on their website.

According to Pure Now, the job details include hand-feeding the newborns four times a day, providing company and ensuring they are warm and dry by dressing them in tiny goat jumpers. Unsurprisingly, volunteer slots appear to be filling fast.

The ‘kids’ will grow up to provide milk and cheese for the farm.

Looking after adorable baby farm animals that will eventually provide you with tasty dairy goodness that is easy on the stomach?

Sign us up.

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