10 universal truths mums of cricket-crazy kids know well.

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If your kids are the types who turn anything long into a bat (“It’s not a light saber, it’s a bat, Mum”) and anything slightly round into a ball (“Stop throwing the apple, just eat it,”) this post is for you.

If a crease isn’t just something you iron in your shorts, a duck isn’t just that sweet little animal who says quack and a googly isn’t just a misspelt search engine, then I’m looking at you.

Is your Saturday governed by lengthy hours at the local oval? Is the soundtrack to your summer time the ABC commentary of the Big Bash and the Tests? Do you nervously scan the weather forecasts praying for the rain to stay away until Monday morning?

Are you the mum of a cricket crazy kid?

You will know if:

1. There is status in how many bells and whistles your collapsible camp chair has. Built in cup holders get bonus points.

And a canopy is the bee’s knees.

2. A night out at the Big Bash League earns you serious mum-cred.

Have you tried it yet? Three action-packed and value for money hours that the whole family will love. With some of the top names in cricket keeping you entertained, not to mention sideline entertainment, fireworks and fast-paced cricket, it’s a certain winner in the school holidays.

"Action-packed and value for money." Image: Supplied.

3. The hours are long when your team is fielding and your kid can't bowl.

But they are just as short when you’re the mum of the batter.

4. Your kid’s over-sized cricket bag is the most lethal thing you will have in your hallway.

Even though you know it’s there, you will trip over it at least once a day, swear, vow to put it away until cricket practice day and never get around to it.


And there is always a cricket ball rolling around your car boot.

5. There are two types of parent on the boundary – those who bring oranges and those who bring a small portable BBQ and sausages.

And it pays to be friends with the second type.

6. If your child gets bowled out whatever you do never ever make eye contact.

Wait until he or she walks past, head down and only then nod with a slight degree of sympathy. In the car on the way home make sure you keep the conversation steered towards the bowling. Only the bowling.

Whatever you do, do not make eye contact. Image: iStock.

7. Your phone is filled with apps like Cricket Australia, Big Bash 2016 and cricket FanCam.

Your kids never ask to play Angry Birds or Minecraft, instead they want to add some cricket flair to their snaps and smash the ball out of the virtual stadium!

8. Boxing Day doesn’t mean leftover turkey and binge watching Netflix.

It means leftover turkey and the Boxing Day Test.

9. Your social media accounts hardly register the Kardashians.

Instead you follow Steve Smith, Shane Watson, Darren Lehmann and Ellyse Perry. Your favourite hashtag is #baggygreen.

10. Your summer time meal times are governed by when the wicket falls or whether it’s a drinks break.

Muuuuummmm it’s tea break. Can I have a snack, please?”

Enjoy your summer, mums. It’s the season we love. The season of long Saturday afternoons, of taking the whole family to an affordable, action-packed Big Bash Blast and of those long lazy days in front of the test. It’s upon us.

What is your experience as a mum of a cricket crazy child?

This post was written thanks to our brand partner KFC Big Bash League.