The royal family has been slammed for a "totally creepy" holiday video.

One thing springs to mind upon watching the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s latest family video: WTF.

While a home flick of the couple and their cherubic children galavanting across Canada seems cute, what resulted is one minute and 25 seconds of pure, unadulterated creepiness.

For starters, there’s a super-bleak filter. And a shit-load of bubble blowing. And downright abuse of the slow-mo function. And if all that wasn’t enough, a soundtrack that better belongs in The Exorcist than a Kensington Palace production.

Have a look below, and if you don’t finish it feeling spooked then you’re made of steel, pal.

Not surprisingly, viewers were quick to call the video what it was: Weird-with-a-capital-W.


Although the memento might live out its days at the bottom of a rubbish bin, Prince William and wife Kate, both 34, said they felt “very lucky” to have taken their family of four on its first overseas holiday.

Over the eight-day tour, three-year-old George and little Charlotte, 16 months, made two public appearances.

And, as always, Kate’s timeless style turned heads, in particular her red and white embroidered Alexander McQueen dress, which reports say retails for over AUD $6,700.

Featured Image: Kensington Palace/Instagram.