A hen's party took two photos seconds apart. Hours on they noticed a creepy difference.

On a crisp afternoon, ten women posed for some photos to commemorate their friend’s hen’s party.

As is customary, they took one ‘nice’ photo, and one ‘silly’, standing by the edge of Loch Eck on a remote estate in the Scottish highlands.

It was only after they noticed a creepy difference between the two photos, which were shared on Reddit last year but have been haunting the internet ever since.

Can you see it?

Can you see it? Images: Twitter.

How about now?


Concerned about the random kid in the back of their photo, the women had a bit of a Google about ghost kids and the estate where they were staying. And it didn't work out all that well because what they found was genuinely terrifying.

Apparently, the kid/ghost in the back of their photo has name - The Blue Boy.

Legend goes way back when, a four-year-old boy drowned in the very lake the women posed in front of after sleepwalking into the loch.

Ahead of the 1994 TV movie based on the tale, The Blue Boy, the hotel owners claimed his presence can still be felt in room four, and it's not uncommon to find things moved, or for wet footprints to appear at random as he roams the corridors looking for his mother.

Of course, the kid was probably just a local who will be rather amused to find his ghostly picture went viral one day. But still, you guys. STILL.

After finding all of this out, the women packed up their white sashes and penis straws, and got the eff out of there, The Sun reports.

To be honest, we don't blame them.

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