A couple took a sweet selfie. But people are terrified by what's happening behind them.

Oh look, it’s another loved-up couple selfie here to clog your feed.

Look at these two. They are so in love. So happy.

But there is something…not quite right happening in the back of this photo and it’s driving the internet crazy.


Yes, it appears this woman has TWO FACES and is simultaneously looking backwards and forwards like some sort of character out of The Exorcist.


That's...not okay. And we're scared.

While many are confused about how the image is even possible, the snap's caption seems to give the away.

Twitter user Andy uploaded the snap alongside the words, "I love my girlfriend even if she's a Gemini."

Those in the know understand that the star sign is regularly represented by twins, and can be described as "two-faced".

Despite the fact the image is clearly the work of some eerie Photoshop or some mirror sorcery, Twitter reacted the way it always does: with memes.



Thanks to this couple for giving us our daily dose of outrageousness.

NO THANKS for the nightmares that are sure to plague us for weeks on end thanks to this creepy snap.

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