People share the creepiest, most bizarre things they've seen on baby monitors.

As someone who has never popped a human out of my body, I assumed baby monitors captured little more than cherubic infants snoozing away, or pooping their pants.

Oh, how wrong I was.

According to a group of parents on Reddit, these teeny tiny cameras can pick up some colossal disasters, and neighbourhood ~secrets~.

This is what they’ve seen.

Weighty problem

“When I was a toddler, I went from fairly chubby to very skinny in a matter of weeks,” LemonadeBunny wrote. “My parents were worried that I was sick, and when they asked our nanny, she said ‘everything is fine’.”

"I went from fairly chubby to very skinny in a matter of weeks." (Image: iStock)

Oh god, I feel a story about an evil nanny coming on...

"A few days later, they decided to install a camera to see what was wrong... It turns out she would feed me a few bites and then throw my food away so she could leave earlier. I was too young to make anything of it. This was all caught on camera, and she was fired the next day."


Yep. That sounds about right.

The tale of the pesky tradesman

NDRoughNeck had an old camera in his basement (god knows why), and it caught some fairly pesky behaviour by his hired tradesmen.

"We had some workers over to fix a tile shower since it didn't drain properly," he wrote. "I guess the guys were pretty annoyed at having to fix it but it's their own fault for not doing it right the first time..."

Fast forward a few weeks, and his mates were in the basement, set to down some celebratory shots for a birthday.

"As they were pouring they could smell something wasn't right," the man wrote, adding it smelt oddly of "nail polish remover".

Of course, once checking the camera, it became clear "the workers drank some alcohol and replaced it with a full bottle of nail polish remover".

Oh. Oh dear.

"We found the empty bottle under the bathroom sink and my brother's wife knew that was her unopened bottle she had bought previously. Kind of messed up."


Another user, 'Inquity', had a problem of a different kind - her daughter was making friends with the local hawk.

"Our crib was under a window (shut and locked, don't worry)," she wrote. "Every few days or so a hawk would land on the outside of the window. The bird and my daughter would sit there for a good 10 minutes bobbing their heads at one another.

"It was adorable, despite the fact the bird probably wanted to eat her."

Sibling rivalry

"I was using a baby monitor to care for ageing parent," TooPrettyForJail (what a name!) wrote. "My sister comes in and tries to convince my dad to cut me out of the will and give everything to her."

Yikes. Well that's not ideal.

Tiny wanderer

For Redditor Kalae, the creepy tale isn't her's, but her friend's.

"My buddy has a camera that sits on his doorstep," she began. "It has a motion sensor and every time it detects someone or something on the porch, it snaps a photo and sends it to his phone."

Being a Sunday morning, Kalae's mate was dozing in bed, enjoying a rare quiet morning that wasn't destroyed by the wails of a two-year-old.

Suddenly, "his phone goes off. A photo of a little red-headed boy reaching out of the front door to grab a package appears...

"And that's how he discovered that his son could get out of the crib."


What have you seen on a baby monitor? Let us know in the comments...