People have shared the creepiest things that happened to them on a first date.

We’ve all had awkward first dates. But some unlucky singletons have experienced first dates that’ll make your skin crawl and your finger immediately reach for the delete button on your Tinder app.

People have taken to Whisper to share the most horrifying moments from their first dates – and it’s pretty bloody scary out there, guys.

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From being way way too friendly with their family to (not so) secretly harbouring homicidal tendencies, these first date horror stories make being single seem not so bad after all.

These daters definitely had a close call with a serial killer:

“He kept complimenting my skin. Like 4 + times, he interrupted to tell me I have great skin. I felt like I was on a date with buffalo bill.”

“When he said he liked the flowers on my windowsill and has never been to my house.”

“When he said ‘Oh no, we’re walking down a dark street. What if I kidnap you forever?'”

“He told me he always strapped and whipped out a knife WHILE HE WAS DRIVING.”

“She kept looking at her watch and saying ‘Three hours until it’s time…’ and then would give me a sinister smile. As the time ticked down, I asked time for what? “You’ll see…” I ran at 5 min.”

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"He told me I reminded him of his sister...after he kissed me goodnight." Image via Fox.

"A guy cutting his fingernails when smiling, then saying "I'm getting ready for later."

"He said 'I counted all of your freckles' and then proceeded to give me a specific number. My entire body including privates has freckles."

And these potential love interests had NO boundaries with their families:

"He told me his mother would sit in the bathroom while he was in the bath and chat. He was 24! Weird!"


"He told me I reminded him of his sister...after he kissed me goodnight."

"Went to a restaurant on a first date. Show up. Sit down. 2 minutes later her parents show up and sit down."

For these first daters, there was no such thing as too much, too soon:

"He touched my stomach and said 'The place of my future children' there was no second date."

"Being called his new girlfriend five minutes into the date."

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"Being called his new girlfriend five minutes into the date." Image via Universal.

"He talked about the 33 guys he has slept with."

"He said 'I love you'. It was our first date and we barely knew each other."

"A guy told me how many times he'd been to jail on the first date."

And these poor people needed to RUN AWAY as fast as they could and never look back:

"He was so good looking and 'normal' until we went back to his place where he told me the Aliens were giving him signals that were telling him my alien name and true alien identity."

"He didn't want to tell me his first name."

"He said he was a drug lord."

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"When he catfished me and wasn't the same guy."

"He started talking through his hand like a puppet"

"He just got out of prison for domestic violence."

"She looked at her plate and said 'I'm going to eat you now'. It was bizarre."