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How did you announce your pregnancy?

Right after you’ve peed on the stick, maybe told your partner (unless you’re planning an elaborate way to tell them) and jumped around in excitement (maybe cried a bit too), the next thing you think about is how you are going to tell your friends and family that you’re pregnant.

This month we saw Kim Kardashian announce her pregnancy…well, kind of. She actually didn’t get to announce anything.

There’s lots of rumours that her bestie Jonathan told the world her secret before she was ready to, and then it aired on the E! reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians a couple of hours later.

Image via Instagram.

But Kardashian did a sneaky gender reveal last week. While many couples are now opting for the gender reveal cake party (where the outside of the cake is white and the inside of the cake is blue or pink), Kim Kardashian went with Instagram. Posting a photo of Kayne West and North West. At first glance it just looked like a cute daddy-daughter pic for the American Father's Day. But in her caption, she sneaked in...

"You're such a good daddy to North & you will be the best daddy to our new son too!"

Kim Kardashian's image with her gender reveal. Image via Instagram.

All this made me think of when my husband and I revealed we are expecting. For our immediate family, we bought each side a 'Baby on Board' car sticker. Wrapped it up and handed it to them as "just something small we thought you might like". Needless to say, once they opened it and realised what it was (and that you technically needed a baby to use one), there were tears.

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As for our friends, we went with a good old fashioned Facebook announcement that looked like this:

Avi and Matt's baby announcement. Image supplied.

And once we found out we were having a girl, I couldn't help myself and posted an adorable pyjama set we bought her for when she turns one (thinking ahead).

If you're going to announce you're having a girl, who could resist a Toy Story Slink PJ set. Image supplied.

I asked my colleagues how they announced their pregnancies and here are their stories:

"With my first, I told two of my sisters as soon as I found out I was pregnant. Then my mother-in-law, because she was about to have a major operation and I wanted to take her mind off it. Then Grant Denyer. I was on my way to see my mum, and I was going to tell her in person, but I had to go the finale of a Seven show first and I was interviewing Grant Denyer and asked him if he was planning on having kids and he asked me and it just slipped out. So my mum was the last to know... I made my mum sit down because I thought she might be shocked." - Helen

"With my second child, I revealed I was pregnant on Facebook and my husband revealed we were having a boy on Facebook. I didn't know he was going to put it out there, but I didn't mind." - Helen

"I told everyone immediately. Didn't wait 12 weeks. Then I told everyone the gender. Lots of phone calls." - Jo

Check out this creative pregnancy announcement. Post continues after the video:

"Pregnancy announcement three: Wrote a poem and put it in a Christmas cracker of a family member for Christmas day. Found out the gender and had planned to do an elaborate reveal to my husband (cake, balloons) but I called him and he said he was on the way home. He came home with a pre-prepared speech about why a third boy is a great thing (we already have two boys). Didn't believe me that I was crying because it was a girl. I had no time to prepare anything because I was at home and he was 10 minutes away so I cut up the only pink thing I could find (a manilla folder) and shoved it in an envelope." - Jacqui

"I can't keep secrets. I'm the worst. So at 5 weeks and 6 days with my first, we had to call my in-laws to tell them, just in case they found out from other people because I had told SOOOO many people in 6 days." - Alys

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"For my second, I wanted to wait until 12 weeks (because I had a miscarriage before that pregnancy). But at 6 weeks, we went to a big party at a family friend's place with my in-laws. The first thing the hostess does is offer me a glass of wine. I politely decline. My mother-in-law is standing right next to me. The family friend says, "ohhhhh... are you pregnant!?!?!?"  So, I have to turn around and tell my mother-in-law. She said, 'Yeah. I know. You said no to wine at our house two days in a row earlier this week.'" - Alys

"Baby 1: I wrote a card to my mum that said "To my grandma," on the front and wrote a letter from the baby. She still has it.  Facebook was JUST starting to be a thing then (2007) so I didn't 'announce' it on there. Baby 2: I continued the tradition and wrote another letter to mum from the baby (my first was 10 months old at the time) saying, 'Hi nanna, I'm going to be a big brother'. I got him to scribble on it or did his hand print. My mum still has this too." - Lisa

Share your pregnancy announcement with us in the comments below. And for some inspiration, check out these awesome pregnancy announcements we found.