This is not a cute, fun or 'different' idea for your wedding. This is just crazy.


Weddings are a huge deal. Huge enough to change your entire life and not in the going from a Miss to Mrs way. A wedding can define the rest of your life.

Or at least this is what every wedding related service will convince you. So they make cash. And you (the Bride and/or Groom) become paranoid that your wedding doesn’t have enough…enough…crazy sh*t.

But here’s the kicker: at the time you will think the crazy wedding ideas are completely normal.

Let me explain.

You start off the wedding planning thinking yours will be special and different. Then you buy a few wedding magazines to inspire you, maybe create a Pinterest board to gather your ideas and meet a few industry people. And within weeks you find yourself falling down a rabbit hole wondering where you are going to get 100 butterfly eggs to put into your invite so that butterflies flutter out when your guest opens the invite. Yes. That is a thing.

I did a quick and very scientific poll of the Mamamia office and here are just a few of the crazy things that have happened at weddings they’ve attended.

1. A Thank You gift as a small tree. But the Bride didn’t take a short cut and just buy lots of small trees. She bought seeds, planted them, and cared for them (must have been for at least a year) before the wedding so they would be small trees for the guests.

Say no to choreographed dance.

2. Overdoing it with the paper for the invites. An example? The invite came in an envelope. This part is normal. Then it also had a RSVP card with another envelope for the RSVP card. Then it had a piece of paper with the gift registry information on it.

And another piece of paper with a map of how to get to the ceremony and reception (because not everyone has phones with GPS on them). AND another teeny tiny envelope with a love quote. Just ’cause. Stop killing trees people.

3. The RSVP card that looks like a uni timetable selection. Where the top says “Please select which events you will be attending to celebrate our wedding” and the list looks like this: Pre-Wedding drinks, Ceremony, Reception, After-party, Recovery Brunch, Honeymoon Farewell drinks…How about just inviting people to the wedding. Full stop.


4. Treating the first dance as a theatrical performance that will be chosen to appear on Broadway. Spending months choreographing the dance. Or even worse, covering the floor in Dry Ice so your dance resembles a final scene in a Disney movie.

5. Creating an entire website just for your wedding. Not just a site for the gift registry – that has become fairly normal now. But there are now people who create an entire website that has multiple tabs some of which detail the love story of the couple into an article that resembles a novel, or outlines how the Bride chose her dress and updates guests of the status of her dress being made. TMI.

6. Developing a Save-The-Date video where you have forced your (poor) children to re-enact your love story.

Now I know this all sounds awfully judgemental. I don’t mean it to. Because Crazy Ludicrous Wedding Fever that prompts ideas like those above, has the potential to effect us all.

And I myself was not immune.

My husband and I got the idea from a wedding mag. We could give our guests a Thank You gift of M&Ms. Who doesn’t love M&Ms? But wait, it gets so much better. You could print whatever you wanted on the M&Ms. Including an image of your faces!

So we did it. Being in the height of wedding fever planning.

Avi got her and her husband’s face printed on M&Ms. Oh dear.

But to do it, we had to order them from the US (who don’t ship chocolate to Australia for some strange reason), coordinate them being delivered to my parents hotel in Las Vegas that they were staying at for 2 days. And then getting my parents to smuggle in almost 5 kilograms of M&Ms with our faces on them into the country.

Could you tell it was our faces? Absolutely. As long as you were at our wedding and knew it was us giving you the Thank You gift.

Alright. Your turn.

So tell me of a wedding thing (you have witnessed or done) and just thought…WTF.