How to lose a guy in 54 text messages.

This series of text messages has gone down in Internet history as one of the craziest, saddest and most desperate of all time.

It popped up on Reddit a couple of years ago, but has been making the rounds again this week as a cautionary tale for anyone who has ever sent a text message (or 54) that they regret.

It follows the epic love story of JJ, who according to Reddit poster rmcoop27, spent only one night with Kevin. But the next day, JJ got a little carried away and Kevin backed off.

It’s a real chicken and egg scenario: Would JJ and Kevin have worked out if JJ hadn’t been so crazy? Or was JJ only being crazy because Kevin had already decided that they weren’t meant to be?

Whatever happened, JJ provides an important lesson for guys and girls everywhere: Step. Away. From. The. Phone.

It really just has to be read to be believed.

First, JJ gets in touch with Kevin, sees if he wants to meet up. Kevin can’t, but promises later contact (NOTE JJ – this is when you should have put the phone down):

JJ gets passive aggressive. It backfires:

Kevin can’t even deal. Bows out:

JJ proceeds to lose mind:


JJ almost certainly petrifies Kevin by threatening to wait all night at his house:

JJ pulls the old “Whoops, I accidentally texted you when it was meant for that other guy that I’m definitely seeing because I don’t care about you at all. His name is… Mike. Yeah. Mike”:

Now JJ pulls the old “I accidentally texted you about ‘my other date’ that I’m definitely going on when I meant to text my friend”:

Tries to say goodbye:


Kevin emerges, petrified, from wherever he’s been hiding:

JJ tells what’s in her heart. This symbol: ='(






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