Crayola spammed the people with porn. And the people loved it.

Crayola gets hacked. Posts ‘colourful’ spam.


Ah, Crayola.  So wholesome.  So innocent.  Promoting creativity, playtime…and pornography.

That’s right. The wholesome crayon company has been HACKED. Yes. CRAYOLA HACKED.

Some deviants broke into their wholesome social media site and spent an entire Sunday afternoon spamming the company’s 2.4 MILLION Facebook followers with some nudie rudie clickbait:


Won’t someone think of the children’s dads? Oh…


Eagle eyed crayon fans started contacting the company via their Twitter, sending the normally G-rated organisation into a tailspin as they scrambled to regain control:

Everyone at Crayola.

But the colourful posts just kept coming because the hackers were seemingly unstoppable:

Note: ‘Penis flesh pink’ is not a Crayola colour.

With the hackers showing their own special brand of creativity:


I guess it’s artwork…?

The company apologised to its millions of followers, but instead of outrage and hand-wringing over the violation, the people who follow Crayola actually LOVED IT. Their page has since been flooded with commentary, with a huge amount of fans seeing the funny side and even sharing the posts among networks:

They should rename the company CrayLOLa

A lot were DEVO they missed out on a bit of pornographic action with their crayons:

Oh Melissa. We feel the same.

The page even picked up some new followers, waiting in anticipation for the next sexy ‘hack’.

That is Juan happy follower

While some just openly campaigned for it to continue.

And of course, it opened up plenty of fodder for Crayola’s creative community to post jokes;


So all in all looks like “the most colourful company on earth” has pretty funny, and very forgiving followers. Crayola fans – you win the internet today.  Proving that sometimes, it’s not a bad thing to colour outside the lines.