A random guy has advertised for a woman to soak in bath. Full of cooked noodles.






If you need some quick cash and are prepared to get a bit weird, a dude in New York is looking for a women to sit in his bathtub while he’s not at home.

Oh, and did we mention the tub will be full of cooked packet noodles? Cos, yeah… That’s kind of a non-negotiable.

A man with very specific taste posted an ad on Craigslist, offering $175 to any woman who is willing to soak in a bath full of ramen noodles for 30 minutes. He would then like that woman to leave, at which point, he will eat the noodles. He’s also very serious about said woman not bringing any sauce. HE WILL PROVIDE THE SAUCE.

Take a look at the ad:


We have so many questions for this guy.

Is this a sexual thing? Do you actually eat ALL the noodles? Is this the first time you’ve thought about eating a food item after it’s been soaked with a human lady? How many packets of noodles are actually in there? Is the bathing suit required, or can the lady go naked? Is the bathing suit a bikini or a one-piece? What flavour is the ramen? How do you know that the lady actually got in the bath and didn’t just swish it around with a wooden spoon from the kitchen? Do you provide any post-soak amenities?

But, most importantly, why is the going rate for soaking in a bath full of ramen $175? How did you come up with that number? Why not $200? Why not $50?

Truly a mystery for the ages.

H/T The Daily Dot




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