WATCH THIS: the easy new hands-only way to do CPR

This is the most bizarre (and strangely clever) ad we have seen in a long time. The American Heart Association has started a new campaign educating people on hands-only CPR and what to do in the event of an emergency. It stars Ken Jeong from the Hangover & Knocked Up (who is, incidentally, a fully trained doctor.) And it tells people to pump to the beat of the song “Staying Alive” – which is actually used to teach medical students the correct rate of chest compressions.

When asked about the ad, Jeong said: “I may play insanely crazy and comedic characters on screen, but as an internal medicine physician in real life, I want people to know that sudden cardiac arrest is a serious matter. Immediate action can be the difference between life and death. Everyone needs to know it’s in their hands to help save a life.”

Take a look and see what you think..

Do you know how to do CPR and have you ever had to use it? Have you ever seen it being done?