Courtney has sparked a friendship with two ex-Bachelor contestants. People are freaking out.

Living in a mansion with a bunch of other men and women who are all competing for the love and attention of the same person is not a normal way to live.

Understandably, it can also be a pretty isolating experience, so it’s only natural to seek solace in those who have been through similar reality TV experiences.

But fans aren’t happy to see Courtney Dober – who only just got eliminated from The Bachelorette by Georgia Love last week – spending time with two ex-Bachelor contestants.

The 30-year-old, who was shooed off the show pre-rose ceremony last week, has been spotted at a Sydney basketball came with The Bachelor besties Keira Maguire and Kiki Morris.

COURTSIDE | ???????????? @courtneydober @kikimorris Such a fun night! ????????????????????????

A photo posted by Keira Maguire ???????? (@keiramaguire) on

The trio – who are all based in Sydney – were possibly bonding over the fact that they were once all locked in a mansion, their only connection to the outside world being Osher.

Image via Channel 10.

Or perhaps they were just in the same place at the same time and decided to take a few snaps.

Whatever the reason, fans aren't very happy about this new friendship.

"Uh he's moved on," wrote one clearly disappointed fan, while another labelled Courtney a "media whore" and the girls as "trashy". Ouch.

Image via Facebook.

"They all look awkward and uncomfortable, like they only just met. I reckon he just pulled them in for the photo shot," wrote another on Facebook.

Some fans were a little more supportive, hoping that Courtney could find love with one of the two girls.

Image via Facebook.

"Hot potential couple Kiki and Courtney!" said one fan.

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