It’s not the cheap, knock-off belt that’s the problem here.

Louis Vui-Con, indeed.

So today in ridiculous manufactured news, The Courier Mail has accused Queensland Police Minister Jo-Ann Miller of supporting organised crime.

Their evidence? She wore a knock-off Louis Vuitton belt on the weekend. Oof. Slow news day?

courier mail front page
More like Louis Vui-Con, AMIRITE?!


Apparently, an MP wearing a cheap belt is front-page news. You can tell it’s important because they’ve used Photoshop AND clever-clever word play. NO PUN HAS BEEN SPARED.

According to the online version of the story, the member for Bundamba’s “faux-flashy” accessory proves she is a consumer of pirated goods.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 5.21.27 PM
Seriously though, three journos.



“If the police minister is making a fashion statement, the real statement she is making is that she supports organised crime,” intellectual property lawyer John Swinson told ABC this morning.

“And that’s not a good statement the police minister should be making.”

A spokesperson for Ms Miller admitted that the belt was counterfeit from Vietnam, which cost less than $5. It was also a gift and it is certainly not newsworthy.

If a male political in the same position, would he have attracted the same bizarre attack? It seems unlikely.

We all need to be more mindful of the conditions under which our clothes are manufactured, but Ms Miller is certainly not the first person to be guilty of wearing a cheap accessory.

And for The Courier Mail to lecture anyone on ethics is a bit rich.

Do you think a knock-off belt on a politician is worthy of comment?


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