Couples who sleep naked are happier, but not for the reason you think.

I could never sleep naked on a regular basis but when I do, it sends a strong message.

I don’t know that they needed to commission a survey to uncover this fact: Couples who sleep naked are happier.

But it has nothing to do with sex.

Sure, sex is easier when no nightwear is involved but I think that nightwear adds to the excitement of ‘night time cuddles’. Undressing each other or getting undressed for your partner can be exciting, that is, when you’re still in those first few heady years when you bother to go to the effort of doing a striptease.

Apparently 75 per cent of people wear nightclothes. But the study found that the reason sleeping naked helps is because it increases feelings of intimacy. You can have a skin-on-skin cuddle whenever you like, even if it’s just a quick one and you then roll away to resume reading an iBook on your phone.

Brian Viner, author of The Dad and The Ugly: The Trials of Fatherhood, told the Daily Mail that he and his wife are big fans of sleeping in the buff. “I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to be naked, or nearly naked, in bed,” he explained. “It encourages intimacy, so I can see why being nude in bed makes for happier couples.”

A recent survey found that couples who go to bed nude are more happily married.

A good friend has confessed to sleeping naked every night and my first question was, "What do you do when the kids call out?"


"I put on a robe," she said.

It might just be me but the thought of putting a robe on, then off, then on, then off, 30 times each night is not at all appealing.

I think the true power of sleeping naked is saving it for special occasions. I go to bed naked when my husband is angry with me about something. I throw off my night clothes, text him to let him know that I am completely naked, and all is forgiven.

Manipulative much?

Long-term relationships need intimacy and excitement. You need to make an effort.

If sleeping naked works for you, then go for it. Just have your robe handy. And put the heater on.

What do you where at night? Are you are fan of sleeping naked? How do you keep the intimacy alive in your relationship?

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