Couple creates their own 'drunk history' to show at their wedding.

We’re calling it, this is the wedding of the year.

On April 29th 2015, Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins got drunk.

They drank a bottle of whisky, two bottles of wine and half a bottle of vodka.

Then, they recorded a video retelling the story of how they met. To show at their wedding.

I bloody love them, can I marry them?

For those not in the know, Drunk History is an American TV show, based on a web series, in which inebriated comedians retell historical events while famous actor-types re-enact them.

This is basically that, except better, because romance.

Watch the video here (post continues after):

Video via Justin Willman

Now, I know what you’re thinking… Did they conquer their hangovers and make it down the aisle?

Of course they did and their first dance was, well, magical.

You can check it out here.