The bride who toured the world in her wedding dress.

A couple have taken their wedding shoot to the next level… and the next continent too.

The anonymous couple posed on snowy peaks and by still lakes, in cobblestone towns and on Germanic cliffs.

There were no professional photographers, no lighting boards – just two people in love and one drawstring bag of clothes.

The album was posted to online forum Reddit by the wedded woman who explained the idea was inspired by how they fell in love while travelling.

Several users applauded the idea and asked how they managed to assemble such a collection.

Killarney National Park - Ireland. Source; Imgur.

The unnamed woman explained the two traveled for four months through Europe and Africa but took photos only occasionally.

"We didn't take pictures everyday or even every location just when we thought it called for it," she said.

The couples' formal wear was shoved in a bag and taken along on the off chance a suitable location would arise.

"The wedding dress and suit were stuffed in a drawstring bag and carried on days we thought we would take a pic," she said.

Fussen, Germany, Source: Imgur.

The bride explained the couple weren't rich but had saved "constantly" for two years.

"I saved A LOT to do this. I have been a bartender for about 6 years but saved constantly and lived frugally for about 2 years," she said.


"We did a lot of hostels and ate a lot of sandwiches from the supermarket but we saw a big portion of Europe that we had always dreamed about."


One user asked how she managed to keep the dress so pristine in such varied and often harsh conditions.

The traveling bride explained the dress was bought specifically for the trip as it was inexpensive and easily stuffed into the couple's drawstring bag.

"This was actually a different dress than the one I wore on my wedding day. It got very stained. And destroyed but it was only $100," she said.

"It was always really wrinkly - it just was hidden well in pictures."

Matterhorn - Zermatt Switzerland. Source: Imgur.

Another user was shocked at how she managed to brave some of the colder shots in only a dress.

The woman explained the couple set up their camera for test shots in full gear before dropping it all for those 20 second shots.

"It went down like this...Set up the camera do a couple test shots, run inside for warmth and to change and then just stick it out for the 20 second shot while the shutter was open," she said.

The photos were taken before the wedding that was said to be held last week.

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