A couple had sex in the Big Brother house. Or so we've been told.





Skye and Leo having a hug earlier in the week

If the rumours are to be believed, two Big Brother contestants have finally bumped bits.

A special source has coyly told The Daily Mail today that muscle-bound intruder Leo and bubbly blonde Skye have “gone all the way” in the Australian Big Brother house.

If Big Brother’s answer to Barbie and Ken have, in fact, Done It, it will be a first for Australian Big Brother.

While contestants in other iterations of the show, including in the UK and US, have been at it for years, why has it taken 11 seasons for Australia to get here?

Sure, we had Pete and Christina “Ballerina” and the ‘dancing doona’ in season 1 in 2001 (their love is not even remembered in a youtube montage, because this was before youtube existed). Glenn the Shearer and Michelle made out like seals in the bath in Season 5 – a season which was specifically designed for getting it on, with producers choosing an all single, all 20-something cast.

Glenn and Michelle in 2005. Maybe they did it in the bath. Or maybe not.

Sure, there has been sexual contact previously, but no confirmed horizontal mambo. So why have the housemates apparently waited until now to do the nasty?

Is it because the contestants know that there is no forum for footage of their frolicking to be screened? There hasn’t been an ‘Uncut’ or ‘Up Late’ version since BB moved to the Nine Network in 2012. There are no longer live feeds rolling around the clock on the website – so maybe the housemates feel like they can cut loose without fear of being exposed…ahem…exposed?


Or are we finally seeing (or, more accurately, hearing about) sex because we’ve stopped watching Big Brother?

BB was a phenomenon 13 years ago. Everyone was watching 12 strangers live in a house for three months. It was Must See TV.

But now? It’s more a case of Maybe See or even Rather Not See.

It’s not because we still don’t want to see beautiful and vapid people hooking up (The Bachelor showed us that we still love that), but BB just isn’t touching us in the right spot any more.

Big Brother’s ratings haven’t been kind (Friday and Sunday shows have been dropped) and the producers have been pulling out all the stops over the last week, with fake evictions and intruders. BB bosses are making every attempt at headline grabbing. Even grabbing The Human Headline, Derryn Hinch, who apparently dropped into the BB House at the end of last week (in footage yet to be aired).

Leo and Skye: Did Big Brother’s Barbie and Ken put their plastic mounds to use?

Presumably the producers are behind these sex leaks – and not just to the Daily Mail.

The Courier Mail said on Thursday, “we have been told the housemates have become experts at using sheets to set up secret cubby houses between the beds to get some privacy from the cameras. There have been many secret hook ups under the makeshift hide outs that have not gone to air.” Cubby house or chubby house? We just don’t know.

We’re unconvinced. So are avid fans. Especially because we’ll never see the evidence.

BB, if you want us to come home, we’re afraid you’re going to have to show us the goods.