A man tried to take a loving selfie with his girlfriend. Gives her an extra head instead.

A lot of things can go wrong when you’re trying to snap the perfect selfie.

A seagull could come along and ruin everything. People could mistake a smudge on the mirror for evidence of Photoshopping.

Or… you could move at just the wrong moment and create the stuff of nightmares.

That’s exactly what happened to Reddit user JuddJasper, who was trying to use the panorama feature on his smartphone to take a nice, loving snap with his girlfriend while holidaying in Budapest.

Instead, he created this:

evil couple selfie
OH DEAR GOD NO. Image via Reddit.


Yes, this woman now has two heads.

According to Judd, his phone's panorama-like feature only works if you sit completely still.

And his girlfriend just happened to sneeze at the EXACT. WRONG. TIME.


As nightmare-inducing as the image is, in true Internet style, it was turned into a joke quicker than...

Well, quicker than a sneeze can ruin a nice photo.

"Me on the inside vs. me on the outside when someone makes me take a selfie," one commenter captioned the pic.

Others suggested the picture might make a perfect 2017 Christmas card for family and friends... although we're not sure Aunt Mildred will be too happy about having to display this image on her mantelpiece.

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