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This couple just had a very public break up on Twitter and we can't stop reading.

It’s not uncommon for breakups to come as a surprise to one or both parties, but is rarer – at least for the majority of us – for them to unfold LIVE on Twitter.

That’s exactly what happened for “nohidea” and “youknowlimbo”. (Yes, they are their Twitter handles, not strange names forced upon them by their parents, thank goodness.)

The couple in happier times.
It started with a seemingly innocent “inspirational” tweet that’s let just saw was a little out of touch.


“Yo. Save up $3-4k and quit your job. Seriously, that money could easily last you six months if you’re wise with it,” nohidea wrote.

“SIX MONTHS of 12-16 hours of free time, every. single. day. That is damn near long enough to actually get really f***king food at something. What’re you afraid of?”

Twitter users were quick to point out the impossibility of living off just $3000 for six months when you have to pay for things like rent, food and health insurance. Even more hilarious when he revealed he was a former financial advisor (turned aspiring musician).


“I never said I was a good one though,” he replied.

But the plot really got thicker when his girlfriend, YouKnowLimbo, dropped a bombshell.

“My parents pay for 2/3 of the rent,” she tweeted. Oh.

After he proceeded to insist that he did pay rent, even tweeting a receipt for $500, she came back even harder.




“Or just pay the correct amount of rent owed and not make my parents struggle… how can you leave out everyone who has helped you? You think success comes by just quitting your job and focusing your energy? You’ve had so much help you don’t even mention it,” she responded.

“The apartment costs 2,400 – the full amount of rent you should be paying would be 1,2000. Once again though – not mentioning any of the help.”

When asked why they were having this conversation online in public rater than, you know, in person, she revealed he’d locked himself in the spare room.


After leaving the thousands of Twitter users who’d been following the exchange hanging, NoHidea finally tweeted “This conversation literally broke up my girlfriend and I. LMAO”.

In a final unexpected (and seemingly unfair) twist, it turned out HE’d dumped HER.

“Are you kidding? There are SO many things that led to you just breaking up with me but if this is your reasoning for leaving then I chose the wrong guy,” Limbo hit back one last time.


The internet could not get enough of the ~dramatic~ break up.

“Honestly u getting dumped for this is the highlight of my year so sincerely i say this: thank you,” tweeted one RainySarah.

Better than an episode of The Bachelorette, TBH.