The $60 Cotton On puffer jacket bringing an extra layer of warmth to my winter workouts.


Winter is coming.

Actually, it’s pretty much already here – and that means getting up at 5.30am to fit in a gym session before work is becoming tough.

My gym is closer to work than home – it’s a 30-minute brisk walk to get there. But that walk means a lot to me. It warms me up so I’m ready to train as soon as I arrive and it gives me a chance to catch up on podcasts and to call friends and family back home in the UK.

Last year I ditched my walk in favour of the bus for the coldest couple of months.

But this year, I was determined not to do that.

Enter: the Cotton On Body Active Hiking Puffer Jacket.

Not even mad about having to go outside, tbh. 


God damn, it's comfy. And warm. So very warm.

It's also extremely light weight, perfect to sling on over activewear, and a bargain at $59.99.

It's available in nine colours: black, white, reef, molten lava, khaki, jungle snake (which sounds fun), eggplant, patent black, jolly green (even more fun), and tandoori.

Here it is in khaki. Image: Cotton On 

I went for black because why change the habit of a lifetime? BUT I loved it so much, the day after I wore it for the first time, I jumped right back online and ordered another one in reef.

Honestly, I won't say I'm leaping out of bed when my alarm goes off each morning. But I've definitely got one less excuse to stay in bed.