Bad news: You've probably been using dry shampoo wrong this whole time.

If there's one MVP in the beauty game, it's dry shampoo. She's an absolute SAINT. And she's saved our arses many a time.

A few spritzes of the stuff fixes dirty, greasy, REALLY-PUSHING-IT hair in a pinch, moping up even the slipperiest of limp strands. 

But also! Great for clean hair. It adds jussst enough volume and inspiration to make people think you *actually* made an effort on a random Tuesday morning. HA! Suckers.

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But here's the thing, you guys. Even though most of us have been using it since we were, like 15, there's a large chance we've all been applying it wrong this entire time.

Seems ridiculous (whatsa coupla white patches in your hair? Who cares!) - but it's actually a big deal! It really is.

Cause many of us dry shampoo users either apply way too much product way too close to our scalp, just pile it all on one spot, or not massaging it in fully. And it's really bloody bad for your poor scalp. 

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Uneven application can result in s**t things like product build-up, causing your scalp to become irritated, flaky, itchy and everything you don't want.

To help you avoid screwing up your scalp health, we've asked Grow’s haircare expert Tiarne April from Chumba Concept Salon to tell us the correct way to apply dry shampoo.


1. Part hair into sections.

To apply dry shampoo the correct way, you’ll have to divide your hair into sections. Annoying, we know - but it'll give you the most solid finish.

"Yes, it can be a little more time-consuming, but parting hair into sections when applying product is key to a natural-looking finish," said April. 

"There’s nothing worse than big white patches of overloaded product shining through on someone’s mane."

Cause we don't have time to overcomplicate things (with combs, clips, and all that jazz), the best way to do this is to slide your finger through your hair to lift a section, and spray at the roots. Basically, just repeat this in sections moving from the top of your scalp.

2. Give yourself some distance.

Alright. This is a biggie. 

"Whilst you do want dry shampoo to target the roots of your hair, spraying it too close to the head can mean you’ll have excessive product that then needs to be re-distributed," said April.

"Instead, spray a couple of centimetres away from the head, allowing product to land on scalp, roots and top of the hair. Take your time to evenly apply your dry shampoo, focusing on the roots where most of the hair’s oil will appear."

3. Use fingers instead of a brush.

Once you've sprayed dry shampoo evenly throughout your roots, it's time to blend it all in by massaging the product through with your fingertips.

"Brushing product from the roots down sounds like a good idea however if you’ve applied too much product or have product build-up on your scalp, you can risk flakiness," said April.

"A way to avoid flakiness from having product build-up on your scalp is to use your fingers to style and distribute the product. This is also a good way to allow you to assess your hair and see if you’ll need to apply more product, or if you can get away with just a few pumps at the roots."

Wanna add a little more volume? Just flip your hair upside down and shake out your roots.

4. Embrace the tousled look.

You should totally just embrace that cool-girl second-dayness texture! Suits you.

"Dry shampoos lend themselves to the perfect no-fuss, undone look. Try to embrace a tousled style that looks less 'done' rather than an overly manicured look. Too much primping and preening with dry shampoo can sometimes risk you looking more Stepford Wives than effortless chic," said April.


5. Opt for a multi-tasker.

Do you know what we love? A solid multi-tasker. And there are some real good options out there. 

These days dry shampoo can do everything from adding volume and fighting frizz to boosting colour, soothing sensitive scalps, and adding a kick of hydration.

We use all of them and usually have five bottles on the go at any one time, but we're especially partial to these guys: 

Grow Thicker Fuller Volumising Dry Shampoo Powder, $13.59.

Grow Thicker Fuller Volumising Dry Shampoo Powder

Batiste Hair Benefits De-Frizz Dry Shampoo, $11.99.

Batiste Hair Benefits De-Frizz Dry Shampoo


Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo, $42.95.

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo

Klorane Aquatic Mint Dry Shampoo, $13.49.

Klorane Aquatic Mint Dry Shampoo


6. Avoid using dry shampoo too many days in a row.

We're ALL for minimal effort, but keep in mind that this sh*t builds up. Your scalp may look flaky AF if you use it too many days in a row. Just make sure to use a scalp scrub, or double down on the shampoo step when you finally give in to a hair wash. 

"Introducing a scalp scrub into your routine can be the perfect combo with dry shampoo. We recommend Grow’s Stimulating Scalp Scrub, thanks to its ability to effectively eliminate impurities whilst invigorating and purifying, leaving your scalp balanced and restored," adds April.

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Do you have a dry shampoo hack you want to share? Go on! Tell us in the comment section below.

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