“I’m feeling a little bit anxious and scared": 12 kids explain what COVID-19 means to them.


We’ve all read plenty about how the grown-ups are dealing (or not) with the COVID-19 crisis. 

While us adults console each other via Zoom and look forward to a daily walk and a nightly glass of wine, how are our kids feeling about it? 

I asked 12 primary school age kids, including my own son Toby, to tell me in their own words about life in the time of COVID-19. Here’s what they shared.

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Hamish, 10.

“I’m feeling a little bit anxious and scared for my grandparents because they are very vulnerable to the virus and could get really sick if they get it. I’m also sad that we can’t see anyone that we love or our friends.

“I like that we can spend more time with our parents. I can spend more time playing with my sisters. We can also get ahead of our school work so we can spend more time doing stuff we love at home.

“I don’t like that we can’t go on our big family holiday anymore and that sports are being cancelled or postponed like the Olympics. Soccer is probably going to be cancelled too.”

Cameron, 11.

“I don’t really know what’s going on but everyone else is confused which makes me confused too.

“I feel isolated and I haven’t seen any of my friends face-to-face since the last day of school three weeks ago. I can only FaceTime my friends in the rare times when I am not busy doing schoolwork or if I need to for a group project.

“I like that I am close to my family and can say ‘hi’ to them whenever I want. I also like that I can play outside once I have finished my work and that I can have warm toast for lunch!


“I don’t like how worried everyone is, but what I dislike most is that lots of things have been cancelled. I was recently made school captain and all the events that I’m supposed to take part in have been cancelled.

“I was hoping to represent my school at the local ANZAC Day ceremony, but that’s been cancelled. I was selected to perform in this year’s Star Struck concert, which has now been cancelled and I made it through to regional soccer but that has been cancelled as well!

“Overall, I would rather things go back to normal.”

Oli, 10.

“I miss my friends but I still get to Zoom and FaceTime. The work is better as I’m doing it on my own computer, which also makes it a bit easier. We don’t do as much work and it’s less boring than school!

“No offence to other students that want to ask questions but we don’t need to listen to all the questions everyone else has.

“I am sad I don’t get to see my friends though.”

Toby, 9.

“I miss my friends, playing tennis and guitar lessons. I don’t mind doing school work from home, I get better snacks and lunches but I miss my teacher!

“I like using my iPad for study and also being able to chat to my friends on FaceTime and Houseparty.

“I am sad that I won’t get to see all my extended family over Easter weekend. We normally go to my granny Ginny’s house for a swim, have lunch and my auntie makes really good cakes.”


Chloe, 11.

“I miss going out to restaurants to eat and not being able to see my friends or go to the shops.

“I feel worried and scared about getting ill, even though we are at home but we do go out for walks.

“I am enjoying the peace and quiet of learning at home. At school there is so much noise but at home it feels safe and comfortable and I am not rushed.”

Phoenix, 9.

“I am worried about old people but I am enjoying being at school because it is quiet and calm at the moment.”

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Frankie, 7.

“I miss going to the beach and seeing my friends. I am also worried about my great Omi (grandma) in Holland as she is very old. 

“I am still going to school but wish I could stay at home”

Liam, 9.

“I like being able to finish my work faster and not having to wait. I also love seeing my mum and dad more. 

“I don’t like being away from my school friends and I miss playing soccer with my team and the fact that skate parks are closed.”


Alison, 9, and brother Christopher, 7.

“We miss our friends, school and sports. We are also very sad that we had to cancel our Easter holiday. 

“We do enjoy playing more board games, making our dad bounce us very high on the trampoline and staying up a bit later at night so we can have sleep-ins!”

Callum, 9.

“I’m bored, bored and bored but I DO NOT want to go to school as we don’t have to do as much work at home! I do miss my friends though.”

Sam, 10.

“I miss my extended family, friends and sports! And toilet paper. 

“I miss our Easter holidays as we normally travel away to visit our grandparents and cousins at Easter but we can’t this year. I also feel sorry for elderly people who are at risk of dying.

“I do like that life is not so rushed every day and it’s cosy and comfortable at home.”

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