The 9 things NOT to scrimp on when it comes to saving money.

Stressing about tomorrow’s Federal Budget? Get in line.

Yes, Joe has a big job to do tomorrow, but you’ve probably been looking at the family budget just as hard lately, working out where you can trim.

It can be tempting to cut back on everything possible when facing financial insecurity, but this can be a mistake. You need to balance cutting back with safe-guarding your family in the long run.

Tomorrow night the 2014 Federal Budget will be handed down, with all Australians bracing themselves for tough times ahead. Before you strip back your family’s spending, take stock of the areas it’s safe to trim back on and those you should keep as is, or even increase.

Here are the 9 corners you should never cut when it comes to saving money:

What are the the things you are and aren’t prepared to compromise on when it comes to the family budget.