Why do we idolise the larrikins?

Australia’s most paradoxically-beloved party boy Corey Worthington grew up and got married.

Sadly, the 24-year-old’s signature yellow sunnies were nowhere to be seen as he walked down the aisle with his bride Mel Borg, 28.

Corey and his now-wife Mel. Image via Instagram.

An early adopter of social media, Corey shot to fame in 2008 then he organised a party of more than 500 guests at his parent’s home in Narre Warren South”

“Parents away, tell yr m8s, u don wanna miss it, its gonna B huge (sic),’’ he wrote on his MySpace and MSN accounts.

The infamous ACA interview:

Rather than taking a long hard look at ourselves, we, the good people of Australia, had a laugh and gave him a guest spot on Big Brother. Duh.

His wedding has now earned him a Woman’s Day exclusive (and, admittedly, a tribute on Mamamia).

What bothers me most about my handling of the news of Worthington’s nuptials was that rather than responding with a perplexed, “Corey who?” I asked if he was wearing his sunglasses.

I love him.

And I’ve always love him — from his idiotic, devil-may-care attitude to peroxide to his penchant for wearing coats without shirts underneath them, I can’t get enough of him. The the question is: why?


It’s not just Corey, either, I love them all, I am obsessed with f*cking idiots and I am not the only one.

Aussies love a loser larrikin, so, in the name of, um, research, I headed to YouTube to figure out why.

Here’s just a few of the numbskulls we’ve elevated to national hero status.

Like Karl Stefanovic that time he was still just so, so pissed after the Logies:

The thing with Karl is that he has a habit of making a fool out of himself on the telly, but we love him for it. Whether it’s cracking gags with the Dalai Lama on laughing over that “long, stabby thing” we just can’t seem to get enough.

Video via The Today Show

Then there’s the “waiting for a mate” guy:

The footage of a man behind the wheel of crashed car telling police he was just “waiting for a mate” got more than a quarter of a million views and its own dedicated Facebook page within in a couple of days. It is has withstood the test of time and is remains ridiculously funny.

This Tasmanian man fighting for his right to drive a motorised esky:

After receiving a frosty reception from police when he was caught riding his motorised esky, Shane Blair took his fight to court.


The 34-year-old defended his right to drive the unregistered, unlicensed “vehicle”, which I think is fair enough — I mean it does have, alloy wheels.

Shane Blair and his esky.

The “Aussiest” interview ever:

A Preston tradie allegedly ran down a thief who had stolen his car, Police interviewed him and they also made the mistake of interviewing his mates.

And most recently, this group of men who insisted on riding around on picnic tables:

Footage of group of Perth “blokes” driving motorised picnic tables down the West Coast Highway quickly went viral earlier this month.

Police were concerned about their safety, given their lack of protective clothing, as they drove through on of the city’s busiest intersections.

Happily, they lived to tell the tale, which one of them did on local radio, saying the six-seaters could reach up to 60k an hour, but were still “pretty safe” and handled “like a go-cart”.

Everyone is in this country is a f*cking idiot.

Honestly, I can’t explain it. Any of it. Not Worthington, not Ned Kelly, not Tony Abbott — none of it.

Perhaps it’s got something to do with our convict past, our love of an underdog or our problem with authority.

Whatever it is, it’s clear that idiot-watching has become national addiction and we’re all just fending for our next absurd hit.

Frankly, sometimes I even miss Tones.