Sex tape scandal hits Parramatta Eels player Corey Norman.

Scandal has engulfed yet another Parramatta Eels player after a sex tape allegedly featuring Corey Norman was leaked to the press.

Channel Seven first reported the video was being shopped around to media outlets on Monday evening with an asking price of $150,000, it was also reportedly offered to Norman’s manager to have it taken off the market.

In the video, which has been described as “lewd”, “graphic” and “explicit”, Norman is allegedly seen engaging in a sex act with an unknown woman.

“We stress nothing illegal is happening but it is embarrassing and distasteful,” Seven News reported.

Other men are seen in the background, one of whom is believed to be former Penrith Panthers player James Segeyaro.

Some of the men, not including Segeyaro, are allegedly doing illegal drugs.

While Norman is not accused of doing anything illegal, the tape comes at a bad time for the player as he is due to face court on drug possession charges tomorrow.

It’s also a been an embarrassing few weeks for the Eels, with star player Semi Radadra having been charged with three counts of domestic violence.