EXCLUSIVE: Robin Bailey's husband died tragically last year. For the first time she talks about his death.

Exclusive: Robin Bailey says, “my armour is on and I’m fighting.”

In September last year,  Robin Bailey’s husband, Tony Smart, took his own life. He left behind Robin and their three sons who were aged 14, 12 and 10 at the time. Tony had been struggling with depression for many years but his death was sudden and unexpected.

Robin, who is co-host on Brisbane’s 97.3fm Robin, Terry & Bob, was left shattered by the death of her husband.



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In this interview, Robin Bailey talks to Mia Freedman about the very unique trauma of suicide and how it’s unlike any other type of bereavement. She opens up about the days and weeks after Tony’s death and the effect it’s had on the family he left behind.

She reveals the surprising decision she made for her boys after their father died and how she is helping all three of them through their grief while simultaneously navigating her own.

Robin is a radio journalist and appears regularly on Channel 9. Image via Twitter.

Robin is also adamant that neither she nor her boy will be defined by their father’s death.

“My armour is on and I’m fighting,” she tells Mia in an extraordinarily brave and emotional interview, the first in a series of one-on-one interviews Mia has done for Mamamia TV called No Filter.

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Robin picture with her late-husband Tony Smart.
Robin with her radio co-hosts Bob (left) and Terry (middle). Image via Twitter.


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