"It's May and I feel like this year is already kicking my arse."

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The Well podcast is back with its long-awaited Season Two. And if you’ve been missing heartfelt conversations about doing life better, you are going to be delighted.

Hosts Triple M Breakfast radio host Robin Bailey and author and columnist Rebecca Sparrow have launched the new season with an episode about how to react when life pulls out the rug from under you.

Here it is:

“I feel like it’s May and this year is already kicking my arse,” says Bec.

“This is my 2017: dengue fever, then I’ve had one of our extended family members be in and out of hospital, my beautiful babysitter – Emma Betts – passed away.”

Meanwhile, for Robin, the sudden loss of the job she’d held for 10 years lurched her into feelings of anxiety and fear.

Robin and her former breakfast co-hosts Terry and Bob. (Source: 97.3FM.)

"On November 14, I got called into the office, I still had all my stuff from coming off air and there was the group program director and the head of HR," she said.

"And they just said, we're just telling you in person that your contract is not being renewed."

Bec believed the answer to dealing with such monumental changes is to always manage our expectations.

When Robin Bailey and Rebecca Sparrow discussed grief during The Well's season one. (Source: Supplied.)

"When things don't go the way we think they should go, or they're meant to go, it's a shock," she says.

To learn more about how to deal with a life that is forever changing (which is, let's face it, all our lives), listen to first episode of The Well .

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