The days of the 'daggy' rashie vest are well and truly over.

Raise your hand if you grew up wearing a ‘rashie’ to the beach or your local pool? Excellent.

Now, raise your hand if you would ever associate the words ‘rashie’ and ‘stylish’? Perhaps not. But brace yourself, dear reader. The swimsuits and vests you’re about to see could very well change your idea of the humble “rashie”.

In 2016, the neon-hued, one-shape-fits-all rash vest of our childhoods has all but died — and from its ashes, a range of stylish, well-cut, and sexy rashies and rashie-swimsuit hybrids has risen to protect our skin from the ravages of the sun.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at Brisbane brand Une Piece, creator of the ‘Original Sexy Rashie’.

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Speaking with, founder Carly Brown explained her striking, zip-up rashie swimsuits had a 500-strong waitlist before they even went on sale.

“It’s always been a challenge to cover up from the sun, and yet feel sexy,” Brown told the website.

“The Une Piece allows women to cover their back and shoulders, and choose the level of sun protection on their chest.”

You can buy one for $195 here — thanks to the demand, the black, red and navy styles are currently out of stock but you can pre-order for shipping from early February.)

Here are some more gorgeous rashie options:

Roxy Visual Touch Onesie, $119.95, available at Surf Stitch.

Image: Roxy/Surf Stitch.

Piping Hot Water Ripple Rash Vest, $35

Cia Maritima Floral Bodysuit, $240.22.

Beyonce bodysuit
Image: Cia Maritima.

Nip Tuck Swim SPF 50+ Multifit Short Sleeve Rash Vest ($79.95)

Image: The Iconic

The Acqua Brand Short Sleeve (from $159) and Long Sleeve Rashguards (from $139)

Image: The Acqua Brand

The Cancer Council Ugly Xmas Rashies ($69.95)

Images: The Cancer Council

OK, so these ones are a little daggy, but it's 100 per cent intentional.

Stella McCartney Stripe Cropped Rashguard ($199)

Image: The Iconic