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Here's what to get your trendy mum for Mother's Day.

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I don’t know about you, but I get a certain shiver down my spine when my mum (or anyone, for that matter) uses the word ‘trendy’ in a sentence.

I know she means well, but can we all just agree to archive this term for good?

What mum really means when she says my style is trendy is that she thinks it’s cool and modern, and something she would like to emulate.

The only thing is, she doesn’t know how, which is why she relies on her dutiful daughter for help.

Speaking of gifts, have you sorted yours for Mother’s Day?

Or are you going to do what you always do, which is forget about it completely only to make a mad dash to Woolies the day-of for a card and a candle/flowers/something she couldn’t care less about?

We've got you and your "cool mum" covered. (Paramount Pictures)

In the name of organisation, we've rounded up the best gifts for your trendy 'cool mum', whether you're on a budget or have cash to burn.

Budget buys

Let's start the proceedings at $15 with these very on-trend tassel earrings from Etsy. Pick your colour, then order here by Wednesday May 4 to get these to mum on time ($2 shipping, 3-7 business days).


For a cool coffee drinking mum, this Through The Milky Way custom coffee travel mug is a great budget option. Get yours for $16.50 from Etsy here ($7 shipping, 3-5 business days).


There's nothing trendier than homewares - these graphic prints from Studio Cockatoo are v cool and come in a huge range of colours and themes. Order an A4 print for $20 here by Monday May 1 to allow for free shipping (5-10) business days.


Still on the homewares, Cotton On Home have a bunch of funky cushions from $24.95 which you can get shipped in 1-4 business here (free shipping over $55, maybe stock up on some goodies for yourself, yeah?).


These monogrammed notebooks from The Daily Edited are great for making lists in style. You can buy here for $39.95 with free shipping in 4-6 business days.


Splurge spends

A statement jewellery piece is the ultimate cool accessory - the Bohemian Ring from Samantha Wills is a high quality option that comes in a range of different colours.

You can get yours for $79.99 (shipped in 3-5 business days) here. You can also get it gift wrapped in a wooden jewellery box for an extra $3, bargain!


This eight-piece chubby stick set from Clinique is so good, you're probably going to want one for yourself. It's $99, and you can order online here (P.S. use the code 'wink' at the counter to redeem some awesome free goodies!).


Fresh white sneakers are 2017's definition of cool, and can be rocked by anyone of any age.

We love these Adidas ones from The Iconic at $130, you can shop them here (free shipping in 1-2 business days).


For a cool update on the statement watch, treat mum to one of these - The Horse time pieces are the most versatile watches out. Order yours for $149 here (free shipping, allow 1-4 business days).

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P.S. In case you're wondering, this post isn't sponsored - we just love these goodies so much, we might buy extra for ourselves.