The award winning TV role that actresses were too afraid to take.


If TV networks looked upon their shows as family, then UnREAL would definitely be the Golden Child.

It’s one of only a handful of shows that has manged to charm critics and fans alike as it takes viewers behind the scenes of a fictions and scandal filled Bachelorstyle dating show known as Everlasting.

The fact that it comes straight from the mind of a former The Bachelor producer, Sarah Shapiro, is just the icing on the ratings winning cake.

The show is pilled with on-point performances, but none of them have managed to scratch at a raw audience nerve quite like Quinn King, played by the formidable Constance Zimmer.

This is why I found myself sitting in a dark, questionably built storage shed on the set of UnREAL on the outskirts of Vancouver in Canada.

The small blueberry farm, which was standing in for a homestead on Alabama that day, was crawling with actors, writers and other talent, but everyone knew the real get of the day was Constance. Which is why I was prepared to wait for her into the night.

Watch the trailer for UnREAL season two:

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Her role as the demanding, visionary and take no prisoners Quinn has already earned her a Critics’ Choice TV Award in the Best Supporting Actress catagory and last week she was nominated as Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Yet, despite the adoring fans, the slew of awards and the critical acclaim, when I finally sat down with Constance I discovered that not only did she never expect the role to take off like that, she actually never wanted the part in the first place.

In fact, it was a role that proved difficult to fill, despite the fact that nearly every available TV actress over the age of 30 was called in to read for the part.

It got to the point where UnReal producers ended up cornering Constance in the car park of her child’s school and convinced her to look at the script.

Listen to Laura’s interview with Constance here:

And the reason she was so scared? Well, lets just that when it comes to being a woman on TV, “unlikable” is the very worst thing you can be.

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