Just call me "Queen". Constance Hall's excellent Stay-At-Home-Mum smackdown.

Constance Hall’s excellent response to being called a jobless stay-at-home-mum has us cheering.

Earlier this week, Australian writer Constance Hall posted on Facebook, sharing with her followers a conversation she’d had with a local cafe owner.

Constance wrote that he referred to her as a stay at home mum, and said she didn’t have a job.

Over the course of the conversation, Constance delivered him an excellent smackdown and highlighted the curious double standard women face.

Dick head (her words, not ours, though we don’t necessarily disagree with her characterisation of him), “your [sic]a stay at home mum”

Me “no I’m not”

Dick head, “well you are, you don’t have a job”

Me “well I don’t stay at home and mum all day either. What do you do?”

Dick head “I’m a cafe owner.”

Me, “so your [sic] a cafe owning dad”

Dick head, “What?”

Me, “Well if parenthood hasn’t stolen your identity why should it steal mine? I go to the beach, I teach my kids and their friends how to paint, I have coffees, love eating out and make half arsed meals for my family amongst other things.”

Dick head, “so what do you want to be called”

Me, “Queen will do”

Constance’s question, “Well if parenthood hasn’t stolen your identity why should it steal mine?” is on point.

Working fathers are not referred to working dads, and men who don’t have children are not questioned about their childfree status.

It’s not a new observation, but it’s an important one. It’s only women that are described in terms of their status as a woman and mother, and it’s part of what