Blogger Constance Hall is facing a "terrible debacle" ahead of her fifth birth.

Blogger Constance Hall is facing a “terrible debacle” just a few weeks after discovering she was pregnant with her fifth child.

On her radio show The Queen Sesh which she hosts with her friend Annaliese last night, 33-year-old Hall said she’d discovered she no longer had private health insurance.

“I’m terrible at paying bills, that’s why my electricity always gets cut off. My bank account is always zero, so they’re trying to direct debit… so I don’t have any private health insurance,” she said.

As a result, the blogger is concerned about her upcoming pregnancy and birth after what she described as a traumatic experience in a public hospital.

“[I’m] totally not a snob, I’ve had a really bad experience in a public hospital with no pain relief,” she explained.

“First baby I had was in a public hospital and it was the worst experience of my life. I was treated terribly, I was in absolute agony, left in the room covered in my own blood for hours without anyone coming in to see if I was okay,” she said.

“My daughter was rushed off in an ambulance to go to another hospital because she was premature. I had PTSD, I was gasping for air for the next week scared that I was back in that situation. It was the worst.

“So when I fell pregnant again I decided to get on private health insurance and be able to choose a doctor and have a real plan, because they didn’t even read my birth plan.”

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For her next three children, Hall went to a private hospital. She praised the doctor and the nurses for the way they treated her anxiety about giving birth.


“He (the doctor) looked after me so perfectly and beautifully and he said to me if you don’t want to feel anything, you won’t feel anything,” she said.

“I felt nothing, my son was placed on my boobs after giving birth and it was the most priceless experience of my life. Needless to say when I had my twins, I went back to him.”

With her upcoming fifth child and first with fiance Denim Cooke – who also has two children of his own – the Perth blogger might not have that option.

“My private health insurance has ended because I did not pay it because I had no money in my bank account because my money was in a different bank account, you know when you just forget?” she said.

“I contacted them and they said you haven’t had it since April…so I’ll have to go public and I’m terrified.”

Her co-host Annaliese shared that her experiences had been very different. She said that she’d gone public for both her births. They’d both been classified as ‘normal’.

She said she calculated that top level private health insurance can leave you $8,000-$10,000 out of pocket, when you take into account all the appointments and costs.

Of course, every mum’s experience of birth is unique. Many mums have wonderful experiences in both public and private hospitals – and likewise, both systems can lead to negative ones.

We only hope that Constance manages to organise a fifth birth she is comfortable and happy with.

How have your experiences been in the public and private health systems? Tell us in the comments below.

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