The Morning Show's interview with Constance Hall has been labelled 'disrespectful' and 'rude'.

Thousands of Constance Hall’s loyal followers expressed their support for the popular blogger on Friday following a bizarre interview on Channel Seven.

Hall, who has earned a social media fan-base of over 1.1 million people, appeared on The Morning Show to discuss her popularity, her book and – as host Kylie Gillies described it – her “brutally candid and often controversial musings on everyday life”.

But it was the interview itself that provided the controversy.

It began with host Kylie Gillies referring to the 32-year-old as ‘Candice’ and ended with her accusing Hall of hypocrisy.

constance hall morning show interview
"For someone that says you 'don't like to judge..." Image: Channel 7.

The exchange went as follows:

"For someone who says they don't like to judge, it sounds like you're pretty good at judging other people," the host said.

"What?" Hall responded. "Who?"

Gillies then alluded to Hall's earlier comments in which she said her frank posts about motherhood served as an antidote to to those by other women whose "house has a perfectly styled interior", "whose boobs are fine" and "who got their figure back" easily.

"But I'm not judging them," Hall said.

"Oh, you're not judging them?" Gillies responded holding up her hands. "Right. Okay."

Hall explained, "My sister, her life is beautiful and perfect and I love her to bits. But I don't want anyone else to be saying their lives should be like that and judging their own lives against that."

constance hall morning show interview
Image: Channel 7.

After the interview, Hall posted a status on Facebook calling the interview "shit" but urging her followers not to criticise the hosts.

"Even though I felt like they wanted to embarrass me, no matter how good it feels to have your support I have to remind myself that this page isn't for bitching about anyone- even those who bitch about me, the hosts might have been having a bad day or something," she wrote.

"So thanks for your support but please keep your comments supportive."

And comment they did. There's more than 2,300 so far.

Ever been called "difficult"? Post continues after podcast....

"You [are] far from judgemental," wrote one 'Queen'. "In fact, you support all kinds of women, women without children, women with children women who are Insta perfect, women who are a dam hot mess. You are all about everyone feeling comfortable in their own skin and owning it."

"They were rude right to the very end..." one person added.

"Geez what did you ever do to deserve that!" wrote another. "You were wonderful, then Bam! Cheap shot. That interviewer was awful to you. Especially disrespectful to not even know your name."

Mamamia has approached Constance Hall for comment, but did not hear back by time of publishing.

The Morning Show declined to comment.