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When Mia Freedman met Constance Hall.

In 2016 Constance Hall’s world changed forever after a Facebook post about ‘parent sex’ went unexpectedly, next-level viral. Constance had been sharing honest stories about raising her four kids online for years, but it was this one that kicked her into the stratosphere and made her Australia’s best known ‘Mummy Blogger.’

It’s also when things went very nuts. Hate groups were formed, but so too was a community of women who backed her, calling themselves ‘Queens’. And her private life became very, very public.

So what is it like being famous for being honest? How do you speak your truth when some people want to bring you down? And how the heck do you raise six kids with another on the way?

Then pregnant with her son, Raja, Constance came to the Mamamia offices and sat down with Mia Freedman to answer all of of those questions, and more.