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Constance Hall thought she bought herself some menstrual pads. Boy, was she wrong.

Proving that parenthood and sleep-deprivation can make for a sticky mix at the local shops, Like a Queen blogger Constance Hall has shared a major supermarket shopping fail to Instagram on Monday.

Sharing a photo of herself in underwear in the bathroom with her 202,000 Instagram followers, the mum of four wrote, “Thought I was buying pads… period came and it turns out they were adult nappies. But I had day two dramas last night and had no choice… kids are so rapt.”

If you’re laughing out loud and vigorously nodding your head and screaming, “SAME!”, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

“The ultimate pad,” one Instagrammer wrote, while another agreed, “have so done that.”

“I think you have stumbled onto greatness. I’m getting my adult nappies for my next period,” another fan of the 33-year-old wrote.


“After i had my baby 9 weeks ago I was at my aunties house and ran out of pads so i had to wear these instead and i was running around the house doing dances in them because how amazingly comfortable slightly creepy they are,” another confessed.

“Should be able to wear your white trousers and not be scared of leaks anyway!!” one fan joked.

Since posting the image to Instagram on Monday morning, Hall’s post has received over 3000 likes.

Serious question, though. Is it wrong that we think these adult diapers look freakishly comfortable and like something we might be interested in wearing on heavy days? Asking for a friend, of course.

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