A condom company tried to promote safe sex and got it terribly terribly wrong.

A condom brand in the US has tried its very best to remind men (at the moment it matters most) of the one word that makes all the difference: consent.

Say It With A Condom ( a personalised condom brand because apparently ‘saying it with a condom’ is a thing in 2017), released an item branded with the packaging ‘Do Not Go Further Without Consent’.

Just one problem… The packaging didn’t show all the words.

In (presumably) an effort to be trendy, the ‘do not’ was replaced with a drawing of a doughnut. (Ha ha get it?)

And, what we’re left with, is a colourful doughnut in a confusing context next to the words ‘Go Further Without Consent’.


The mix-up was first mentioned on Reddit, within the Design Fails thread, by a user who said the condoms were being handed out on a college campus.

The mishap quickly went viral and it wasn’t long before the company removed the packaging from their site.

Luke Lazarus was acquitted of rape: The blurry lines of consent.

To be fair, Say It With A Condom has a whole range (?) of packages promoting safe, consensual sex. ‘Promote Consent’. ‘Consent is Never Implied’. ‘Drinking isn’t a Crime. Rape is’…

Showing how the company, based out of Florida, typically does a great job (quite literally) as the gatekeepers to consensual sex.

They just got this one very, very wrong.

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