Connie Johnson will no longer receive cancer treatment.

After 7 years Love Your Sister’s Connie Johnson has made the momentous decision to stop treating the breast cancer which has now spread to her liver.

The mum-of-two told The Canberra Times that the last round of chemotherapy had not helped, but instead caused her further distressing side effects.

Over the years, Connie has had a double mastectomy, plus chemotherapy and radiation. She also had three to four years of treatment for bone cancer she suffered at age 11 and a tumour in her womb at 22.

“So that’s 10 to 11 years of cancer treatment in a 40-year lifespan and I guess my organs are just saying, ‘No more. No more’,” she said.

“And I thought maybe it was time to consider stopping treatment. So we called a family meeting. And basically, it wasn’t my choice. I can’t have any more chemo medically. So that’s a game changer.

“I asked what to expect and at some point the tumours will grow back and grow bigger and I’ll go into liver failure and I’ll sleep a lot. Apparently it’s quite peaceful.”

The 40-year-old also said she’s hoping for ‘one last hooray’ and is planning to raise another $1 million for breast cancer, through the Big Heart Project which will take place in Canberra on May 10.

Love Your Sister has been collecting 5 cent coins from around Australia to create an ‘unofficial world record’ giant heart of coins and, most importantly, to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness.


Connie will be on hand on the day to collect coins and to thank her massive network of supporters for all the encouragement they’ve given her over the years.

“We would love Canberran villagers to come down and say g’day to me and it gives me an opportunity to thank them for their support over the years,” she said.

“That is pretty much what the day is going to be about for me – thanking everyone.”

Connie has posted regular updates to the Love Your Sister page, keeping her followers informed of the harrowing decisions she’s had to make, and the amazing moments she’s had along the way.

When someone recently commented that they were “hoping for a miracle” for her, Connie replied that she’s already had her miracle.

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“When I got diagnosed as terminal all I wanted and hoped for was to live long enough that my boys would remember their mum. I got that, they know me, know how much I love them and will always remember their mum. I definitely got my miracle!”

Connie, and her brother Samuel, have already raised $2 million for cancer research and Love Your Sister Facebook page has over 350 000 followers.