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Behind this photo of Connie Johnson is the ultimate story of female friendship.

It’s been two days since Connie Johnson passed away but her influence, memory and message are stronger than ever as those who knew her (and those who felt like they did) celebrate the life of a marvelous woman.

The work of Love Your Sister also continues and while Connie and her brother Samuel Johnson have long been the public faces, there’s another who’s face you might not have seen – Em.

LYS shared the tribute to all the carers of anyone fighting cancer in November, but it’s even more powerful and poignant now.

“Here’s one for the carers. The besties. The ones who stay,” the caption began.

Em was one of Connie’s, her “bestie since like forever”.

Listen: Samuel Johnson speaks to Mia Freedman about Connie and Love Your Sister’s vision…

“She prefers the shadows but I thought you should know that she also runs LYS, top to bottom, since Day one,” Sam wrote.

“On her business card her title is quite rightfully, “The Hectickest”. I love this photo. It’s what love looks like.”

It’s the perfect portrait of the power of female friendship.

Anyone who’s been touched by breast cancer or any other illness has one (or many) of these champions by their side. So today, we’re thanking them for all they’ve done and continue you to do.


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