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Men were asked to share what confuses them most about women. The result was hilarious.

There comes a time in every man’s life, where he says the sentence: “Women are just so confuuuusing.”

It’s an infuriating five words for those of us who possess lady bits, because (and I’m getting a lil’ bit Inception-y here) we’re confused as to why men find us so confusing.


Luckily, the male species has taken to Reddit, and shared the top things that baffle them about us fallopian tube floozies. It’s equal parts insightful and hilarious.

1. Getting ready

You know what apparently drives the majority of men “insane”? Our habit of pressuring our partners to get ready… even if we aren’t.

“My GF asks me if I’m ready to leave, so I put my shoes on, and start to leave. I get to the door, and she’s not even close to ready to leave,” one frustrated dude shared.

"I get to the door, and she's not even close to ready to leave." (Image: iStock)

"She still needs to put on socks, put on her shoes, get her wallet, her coat, grab her phone, etc! Even if I give her a good five minutes after she asks if I'm ready to go, she still does this shit!"

2. Double standards

"My girl criticises me for wasting time on Reddit while she's on Pinterest," one ~confused guy~ shared. (Okay, so I may or may not be totally guilty of this...)

Unsurprisingly, many others agreed.

"Yes!!!!" wrote another. "I'm always being told to get off the PlayStation, but that doesn't stop her browsing Facebook for hours."

3. Playing hard to get

"Why do some girls think that making a guy jealous will make him like you more?!" one commenter wrote. "[You'll get] the exact opposite result... Playing hard to get? Trying to make me jealous? Okay, cool. I'm too old for this sh*t."

4. Bobbypins

"Why do they leave f*cking bobbypins all over my house?" one man asked.

"Yeah!" others chimed in. "Are you marking your territory or something? Why do you do that?"


We do it because the cheeky buggers are so useful, yet so small and easily misplaced, boys. It ain't rocket science.

Also, we take 'em out when we shower... and always forget to put them back in. Soz. (Image: iStock)

5. Gifts

"My GF hates me if I gift her something.. And argues if I don't," Flxdg shared.

"Good f*cking lord this one hits home," another commenter agreed, explaining: "I think its a combination of not wanting to feel bad about receiving an unsolicited gift, but also wanting to feel special and stuff."

Here's a hint from a woman, you guys: Get us something non-expensive, but make it thoughtful. I guarantee it'll get an overwhelmingly good response.

You're welcome.

6. Feeling emotion

Apparently, the level to which we can #feel is Crazy-with-a-capital-C to men.

"It still astounds me how clearly my wife can experience emotion," one Redditor, who has been married for ten years, wrote.

"It is really hard for me to do that. She describes feeling emotion as treading water in the middle of the ocean and getting hit with waves of emotion you can't get away from. She describes me as standing on the shore and seeing it but not really experiencing it. It is spot on."

7. Towel hats

Yep. You read that right. Men are confused as to how we make towel hats.

"I don't understand how do almost all girls innately have the skill to make those. I was skyping with my younger sister once and she was wearing a towel hat. I asked her where she learnt to make that. She looked confused and said that she didn't need to learn it. It is easy."

Goodbye. I am dead.

8. Eyebrows

"Do you wax your eyebrows? Is that a thing?" ... Um. Yeah mate. That's a thing.

Why? Because eyebrows are love, eyebrows are life.

Are you a dude? Let us know what confuses you about women in the comments below.

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