Teachers confess what really goes on when students aren't watching.

When you’re a student your teacher seems like repository of all knowledge and wisdom: they’re endlessly patient, bafflingly tall, probably incredible at Scrabble.

For all you know, they live in the staff room and they certainly don’t have anointing approaching a real life.

One of the scariest things about adult life is the moment you realise it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Even teachers are human beings. Maybe you are one and maybe you don’t like children. At all.

A group of teachers shared their most shocking confessions on Whisper — they’re as hilarious as they are childhood ruining.

“I’m a high school teacher,” writes one, “I sometimes pair my students into groups with people I know they have crushes on. It’s hilarious to watch.”


Teachers reading mean tweets (post continues after video):

“When I fart I blame it on my students”, writes a kindergarten teacher.

Another confessed to falling asleep in class. One was a drug addict. Another turned an apple from a student into a bong.

“I’m a teacher and when I’m hungover we have a movie day,” one admitted.

“I flip off my students when their backs are turned,” another shared. (Not so patient after all, eh?)

They get up to all kinds of mischief after  dark as well. The art department from one school moonlights as a graffiti crew, while a “Mr Smith” left his mark in the school bathroom:

“I’m a high school teacher and I worked late to catch up last night. Noone was around, so I went to the girls bathroom and wrote “Mr Smith is hot’ on a stall wall.”

You can read all the confession here (via Whisper):

And you were the one in detention!