Confess your "sins" and let MM readers absolve you





If only there was only a place where you could go and confess your sins, get absolved and never actually have to speak to anyone.  If only.

Well there is.  You can do it right here, right now on Mamamia. And what’s more you can get absolution from our readers

Based on the website Mamamia is opening its confessional today. is a website that allows users to confess their deepest, darkest secrets without ever leaving their homes. Or their offices. Or wherever they choose to confess from – I’m betting that a lot of confessions are being made on mobile devices far, far away from the home computer.

It’s not just about making the confession though. You can actually crowd source whether you should be forgiven or not by other users of the site. There’s even a nifty section for “heaven” and “hell” where you can see the most forgivable or unforgivable sins as voted by the public.

The website was created by US university students Lonny Ruben and Ryan Charleston, who curate the sins, picking out the top 15 that they think will get the best response on the website.

Some of the confessions include:

“I am a girl and I and I get off on watching gay men have sex…what is wrong with me??”

70 people voted this unforgivable and 363 voted it forgivable.

“I have been with my husband for ten years. I have been cheating on him with the same man for the past three years. I would leave, but I don’t want my kids to be from a broken home. I love my husband, but we are not compatible, and he is horrible in bed.”

310 people voted this unforgivable and 54 voted it forgivable.

“I hide and spend money my husband doesn’t know about. I also told him we got less back on our taxes and put the money in savings because he wants to spend it on foolish things.”

55 people voted this unforgivable and 150 voted it forgivable.

There’s also a lot of infidelity. A lot.

Do you have a confession to make? Confess your sins and Mamamia readers will absolve you. Or just get a load off your chest by releasing that secret you have been carrying around.

Please remember that if you want to remain anonymous that’s totally fine. Just remember to log out before you comment so your avatar doesn’t show up.