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Sydney Smphony Orchestra
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Music formed a huge part of my life growing up. I am of the age where I would sit in my room, finger nervously hovering over the record button on my cassette player, ready to pounce as soon as the radio started playing my favourite song. 

These days, my daughters (aged 3 and 11) only have to type the name of the song they want to hear into Spotify and press play. With TV Hits no longer producing the faces of music or the backstories of songs and artists, there’s no longer mainstream education about how music actually comes about. The instant gratification has somewhat spoiled their curiosity.

But, now I have learned about the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s new family concert that will give kids the opportunity to see and experience the true beauty and magic of the symphony orchestra coming together, all within the iconic setting of the Sydney Opera House. It’s a musical experience that every member of the family, young and old, will enjoy.

What is the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s family concert about?

Exploring how musicians play different instruments and the many sounds they can all make, the Sydney Symphony’s family concert presents Benjamin Britten’s famous work,The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, a musical exploration of the many sections that make up an orchestra. 

The concert will take you on a magical journey of high notes and low tones, sharing the sounds of loud banging brass, the feather-like brushing of strings, the high energy of percussion and the earthy feels of the woodwinds. It’s yin and yang, night and day, dark and light at its very best. Your children’s senses will be in a spin, as the magic that the Sydney Symphony Orchestra has been instilling in people for decades surges through their bodies.

After hearing from the many instruments within the orchestra, watch, hear and learn how the orchestral sounds you have just witnessed are used within performances of two, much-loved orchestral pieces: John Williams’ famous theme song from Indiana Jones, and… wait for it… Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen!


Come for the...

Crossover of education and entertainment that your kids won’t stop talking about. Music is played at school and instruments are taught to a degree, but this concert offers the opportunity for kids and the whole family to be introduced to a whole range of instruments. They will learn their sounds, their role in the Orchestra, and what they bring to a performance. 

And definitely come for the catch your breath moments. The sounds and echoes that swirl throughout Concert Hall are like nothing else. The concert features the full power of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, so you can be certain that you are getting the entire orchestral experience. It’s an all-in concert that will take your children’s breaths away.

Stay for the...

Opportunity to experience true composition greatness with your kids. First performed in 1945, Benjamin Britten’s work has captivated audiences across the world and was scored to perfection, just for orchestras like that of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. 

Oh, and don’t forget the sing-a-long! We all know the words to Let It Go and no parent, no matter how many times you have sat through the movie, can resist singing along.

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What’s so unique about it?

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra is one of the most flawless, professional symphony orchestras in the world. Supporting and collaborating with artists like Lea Salonga, Ben Folds and Paloma Faith the opportunity to learn about the productions they are a part of and how the music they play comes together is once in a lifetime stuff. 

But it’s the way that The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra has been curated that makes this event truly unique and nothing short of spectacular. The show starts with four main sections (or teams) of players: the strings, the woodwind, the brass, and percussion. Each section plays their instruments, showcasing their incredible depth and variation, but also the unique qualities that connect them as a family. Once all sections have been explored, they all come together to perform a 250-year-old theme written by Henry Purcell. 


From oboes to harps, bassoons to trumpets, the entire instrument family will be on display, not only providing your whole family with a morning of entertainment but also a rare insight into the inner workings of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. Through this story told by one of Britain’s greatest composers, the orchestra is pulled apart for education and entertainment, then put back together again and bringing the Concert Hall to life.

Why does Mamamia recommend it?

Everything is so digital these days, that opportunities to expose our kids to true music IRL are few and far between. Music is electronic, downloaded into libraries via Apps, the true beauty and feeling often stripped away. The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra is a really clever way to share the love of music with your kids within a fun, engaging and entertaining concert.

The combination of history, composition, musicality and well-known theme songs makes for a musical experience like no other, and all within one of the most iconic buildings in the world.

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Okay, what's the practical stuff I need to know?

The Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s family concert will be running on 16 July 2023 at 10am and 11.30am in the Concert Hall, within the famous Sydney Opera House. 

The concert is suitable for kids aged 5 to 12 years of age, however, the brilliance of the program and excitement on your kid’s faces will make it something that the whole family are sure to love. 

Located just a short stroll from the city or a 10 minute walk from Circular Quay train station, the Sydney Opera House is the perfect destination for a musical journey. There are lots of restaurants, drinks and spectacular views nearby, not to mention some of the country’s most beautiful sights. Have you heard of the Harbour Bridge by any chance? 

This is the family event you do not want to miss so book your tickets now for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s family concert before they all dance out the door.

Introduce your family to the magic of the orchestra, with Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s New Family Concert. Book your tickets now. 

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Sydney Smphony Orchestra
The Sydney Symphony Orchestra has evolved into one of the world’s finest orchestras and is Australia’s flagship Orchestra. The Orchestra mainly performs at the iconic Sydney Opera House and is comprised of talented musicians and the finest living composers from across the globe. Their concerts encompass masterpieces from the classical repertoire, and collaborations with guest artists from all genres, celebrating their diverse appeal.