Danni asked for "a trim" at her hair salon. Then she saw a photo of the back of her head.

I don’t know about you, but going to a hair salon to get a hair cut is an experience I absolutely dread. I’m always expecting them to fudge it up somehow, but thankfully always leave satisfied with the end product. But for 26-year-old sales representative Danni Draper, they really fudged it up.

It was as if Danni walked into the Queensland salon asking for “something abstract, chunky, and super uneven”, when in actual fact, she asked for “a little trim and colour”. Same same, right?

It was your average Wednesday afternoon. Danni’s mid-week hair was looking a little on the rough side, so was wanting to spruce it up just a touch.

Unfortunately, when Danni left the hairdresser and opened the photo they had took of the back of her hair, she saw this:

Hair salon cuts chunks out of woman's hair asks for trim
Ummmmm.... Image: Danni Draper Facebook.

Danni went back into the salon, requesting a refund and that they fixed it. They tried but failed, and frankly, THIS IS WHY WE HAVE TRUST ISSUES.

'I wanted to cry. As a girl, your hair is important,' Danni told The Daily Mail Australia.

"This is nothing like a concave cut at all, if she was not confident in the cut then I would have appreciated her being honest and saying so I would have just got a trim," she wrote in a Facebook status.

My daughter wants to get her second ear pierced and I don't care. Post continues after audio.

In response to Danni's online post, the Queensland salon sent her messages displacing the blame back onto her.

"After receiving reports from all parties, it was a simple lack of communication as majority of style cuts are usually dried off and straightened before the final cut can be completed," the salon wrote to Danni.

"The stylist had not finished the haircut and you gave her no opportunity to finish the haircut," they continued.

Danni argued that if the hairdresser hadn't completed the cut, they wouldn't have let her not only leave the salon, but pay for the haircut.

But have no fear, Danni opted for a different salon to fix the dodgy original hair cut, and they have remedied the situation. PHEW.