Here they are Australia. The ads you complained about most this year.

Huge congratulations to all who took part!

As we all know, people like to complain.

No other body knows this more than the AdStandards Board who have just released the most complained about ads so far in 2015.

With over 2,700 complaining entries, advertisers have their work cut out for them to reach the coveted number 1 spot of “most complained about ad in Australia”.

But, as with everything, there must always be a winner. Here are the top 10 most complained about ads in Australia (so far) and because we like a dramatic reveal, we are going to start at unlucky number 10.

10. Victorian Hearing

Number of complaints: 21

Banned or A-OK: Not cool Victorian Hearing – banned.

Unfortunately for Victorian Hearing, their advertising campaign was pulled after a review found it vilified a section of the community on account of their disability.

We agree with the Board’s decision, both because it suggested those who wear hearing aids are ugly, and also because it incorporated a confusing use of seafood.

9. Ashely Maddison – Women singing about cheating on husbands

Number of complaints: 30

Banned or A-OK: A-OK

For an ad that quite literally encourages you to cheat on your partner, we are surprised this didn’t rank higher. Surprisingly, this ad was deemed appropriate by the Board and remains on TV after 12am along with infomercials about sponges (really, how does it soak up so much?).

Despite this however, we couldn’t find a version of it to show you.

Instead, here is an artist’s representation of the ad.

8. The Body Shop

Number of complaints: 30

Banned or A-OK: A-OK

We, like the Board, can’t see a problem with this ad at all.

Unless… by “good stuff” do they not mean soap but instead mean…

Oh. We get it.

7. Twentieth Century Fox

Number of complaints: 36

Banned or A-OK: A-OK

This ad has something for everybody! And by that we mean it is terrifying. Truly truly terrifying.

Scared of ghosts? Got you covered. Scared of clowns? That’s in there too. Small spaces, large spaces and creepy music are also involved.

Despite this, the ad still appears on TV to convince everybody of the benefits of Netflix.


6. Bingle Insurance

Number of complaints: 41

Banned or A-OK: A-OK

People realised this wasn’t a real chimpanzee… right?

5. Unilever Australia

Number of complaints: 62

Banned or A-OK: A-OK

People’s issue with this ad was the homosexuality that was oh so briefly featured. Full credit to the Board for dismissing those ridiculous complaints.

Video via Lynx

4. Fantastic Snacks Australia

Number of complaints: 63

Banned or A-OK: A-OK

This scandalous ad apparently featured a woman licking chips of a man’s lips.

Again, as we couldn’t find the actual advertisement in question, here is an artist’s interpretation.

3. Stan

Number of complaints: 66

Banned or A-OK: A-OK

According to the AdStandards Board, this ad was not offensive despite the ~hilarious~ joke about Rebel Wilson’s “pussy”.

Ha… ha….




Here’s the ad.

Video via Stan TV

2. Ashley Maddison – Men singing about cheating on wives

Number of complaints: 138

Banned or A-OK: Not cool, Ashley Maddison. Banned.

A well-deserved second-place, Ashley Maddison. Unlike the company’s female counterpart mentioned earlier, this ad did get banned.

Now we only need to ban affairs in general for ever and always.

Video via Ashley Madison

1. Holden

Number of complaints: 161

Banned or A-OK: A-OK

Well done to Holden! Apparently people have a big problem with the word “bloody”. Either that or they misunderstood the purpose of the AdStandards Board and were also complaining about “bloody caravaners”.

Here is the offending ad:

Video via Holden


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