A guide to the most common sex injuries, according to experts.

Apparently, there are a whole range of unique and painful ways to injure yourself in the throes of passion.

A new study by Meetville has found that each year, one third of adults manage to injure themselves while having sex.

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Surprisingly, 40 per cent of people don't know they've injured themselves until the following morning - and five per cent hurt themselves badly enough to require time off work.


The most dangerous spots? Having sex on the sofa, on the stairs, in the car, in the shower, in the bedroom, on chairs, on the kitchen table, in the garden and in the toilet (wait, what?)

The items most likely to be broken in the heat of the moment include forgotten wine glasses, bed frames, picture frames, chairs, teacups, walls, chests of drawers, doors, windows and vases - and the average cost of said damage is $246.

Health and fitness expert Dr Kevin Jardine explained why sex was seemingly so dangerous.

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During sex, endorphins are running high. Endorphins are the body’s natural version of morphine, known as 'feel good' hormones. If you are in an awkward position during sex, you might not feel the discomfort because of the endorphins floating around your body, which tend to blunt the perception of pain," he said.

Injuries to be wary of include sprained wrists and twisted ankles, falling (especially while the woman is being lifted by the man) and cuts from all those broken items listed above.

Family Medicine Resident at New York's Mentefiore Medical Center, Dr Barak Sered, recently told that the most common sex injury was pain caused by vaginal intercourse.

“If you’re experiencing pain with vaginal intercourse it would be reasonable to be tested for sexually transmitted infections as well as for urinary tract infection. If those aren’t the issue, and they usually aren’t, lack of lubrication is probably to blame. For that the remedy could be as simple as taking your time with foreplay to promote natural lubrication or using an artificial lubricant," he said.

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“From time to time people will present to the emergency room with a foreign object stuck in an orifice, usually the rectum. To prevent this, always keep one hand on the handle of the object and use a toy that has a wide base,” he added.

The take home message? Be careful, you guys.

Have you ever injured yourself in the heat of the moment?