The 6 most common hair problems, and how to fix them.

I blame Kate Middleton.

Her and her perfect/beautiful/magnificent, “I’m a Disney Princess” hairstyles have set an unrealistic expectation for all of us plebs who face real problems when it comes to our hair.

But even if you haven’t been as genetically blessed as Kate, there’s no need to despair. There are some very simple solutions to very common hair problems that we all face every day.

Problem 1: Frizzy hair.

Solution: Put down the brush.

It always seems like such a good idea at the time. The brush has long been promised as the miracle instrument that can tame any fly-aways and ensure neatness.

Sadly, this is not the case for all of us.

For some, the brush is at the root of all our frizzy-haired issues. According to WebMD, brushing disrupts the hair cuticle and stretches it, making it break.

Step away from the brush, friends.

Just as an FYI, you should know that this is an advertorial for L’Oreal.

Problem 2: Thin hair.

Solution: A hair-thickening product.

From my extensive research amongst my friends, I have found out that thin hair is a surprisingly common problem. Not only does it make your hair more brittle, it can also be the cause of so many other hair dramas.

Using a hair thickening shampoo, conditioner and serum like those in the L’Oreal Paris Elvive Fibralogy thickening haircare line can help to expand and thicken your hair. The range is available at all leading retailers for $5.95 for the shampoo and conditioner, and $9.95 for the serum.

It’s the choice of many thin-haired people, with the serum being voted Product of the Year 2015 by the Australian public in a Nielsen poll of over 15,000 people. Consumers even shared their stories in the latest Elvive Fibralogy campaign, see below for photos and more details.

As an added bonus, it could help with a few of your other hair dramas too.

Problem 3: Flat hair.

Solution: Get your dry shampoo out.

Thick-haired people may not understand the frustration that comes with having limp hair that falls sadly on your shoulders.

Trust me when I say the struggle is real, and very annoying.


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The answer to this one comes in the form of a comb and dry shampoo. Lift up your hair, spray it on your roots, and comb it out with your fingers.

The result will be less-oily looking hair, and extra body to boot.

Problem 4: Hat hair.

Solution: Prepare with hair spray.

It could be a hat, a helmet or the crown you sport on weekends. Whatever it is, it can wreak havoc on your perfectly styled hairdo, leaving you with an indent that leaves many questioning if you got confused with the purpose of your straightening iron.

Instead of accepting your hair-kink fate, get out your hairspray and spray sections of your hair to give it volume and reinforce it before you put on your cap. According to renowned hairdresser Ted Gibson, “volumising sprays will add body to the hair, keeping it full for hat days.”

Problem 5: Greasy hair.

Solution: Reassess your shampoo/conditioner.

Even after washing, sometimes your hair just doesn’t return to its original glory. If this is the case every time you wash, it may be time to have a look at your hair-washing routine.

And on that note: Turns out, you’ve been washing your hair wrong.

Wikihow lists over-washing and using the wrong shampoo and conditioner as two of the most likely causes of greasy hair.

Problem 6: Split ends.

Solution: Cut them off.

I have a confession. I went 10 months without getting a proper haircut. I realise now this is too many months, but I was adamant that I wanted to grow out my hair and transform into (insert Victoria Secret model here).

Unfortunately, this only resulted in straw hair that would split at the very site of a hair-tie or curling tong.

After cutting all my hair off, I now realise the error of my ways. The only way to really solve split-ends is by getting rid of them. It may be sad in the short-term, but the long-term gain will make it all worth it. I hope.

What annoying hair problem do you want to learn how to fix?

Last year was very successful for Elvive Fibralogy, the Fibralogy Serum Treatment collected a 2015 Product of the Year award (Hair care Category, Survey of 15,050 people by Nielsen), and the Fibralogy range was the most successful* new launch in the last year. We wanted to share this success with Australia, so decided to feature some of our Australian consumers in our latest campaign. The women tell their Fibralogy stories about how it has made their hair thicker and given them more confidence. To join the Fibralogy Circle and see their stories, visit – we’re also offering you an exclusive discount to try the products yourself!

*SOURCE: IRI-Aztec MarketEdge Grocery, Value sales where AU Grocery Scan is the sum of AU Woolworths Scan and AU Coles Group scan, comparing all SKUs** that have sales in the last 104 weeks to week ending 22/02/15 and not prior, and where SKUs are 500ml or less only.