From Bloom to even more Louis Theroux documentaries: Here's everything coming to Stan this April.


With everything going on in the world right now,  most of us will be spending a lot more time at home self-isolating.

Which means it’s the perfect time to cosy up on the couch and watch some new shows, or finally watch all those movies and TV shows you haven’t got around to.

Thankfully, Stan has us sorted, with a bunch of brand new TV shows and movies about to drop in the next few weeks.

Whether you’re in the mood for a lighthearted comedy, a juicy drama series, or an investigative doco, Stan has something for all of us to binge-watch.

Here is every new TV show and movie coming to Stan in April 2020.

TV Shows


bloom tv show
Image: Stan.

Stan's original series, Bloom, is back for a brand new season.

For those who haven't seen it, the first season of the show kicks off one year after a devastating flood has killed five locals in a country town. A mysterious new plant appears which has the power to restore youth. It's a miracle, and some people are willing to kill to keep it a secret. In the second season, news of a “second generation” plant emerges, causing a battle between nature, science and faith. The series stars a bunch of familiar faces such as Bryan Brown, Phoebe Tonkin, Jacqueline McKenzie, Toby Schmitz and Jacki Weaver.

Premieres: April 9.

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

For fans of supernatural series, Stan is dropping season two of Penny Dreadful.

The second instalment is set in 1938 Los Angeles – a time and place deeply infused with social tensions. When a murder shocks the city, Detective Tiago Vega and his partner Lewis Michener become embroiled in an epic adventure which touches on the deep traditions of Mexican-American folklore to the dangerous espionage actions of the Third Reich.

New episodes will be released weekly.

Premieres: April 26.

The Baker and The Beauty

The Baker and The Beauty
Image: Stan.

If you're after something a little more light-hearted, The Baker and The Beauty is a modern-day fairy tale involving Daniel Garcia and international superstar Noa Hamilton, played by Aussie actress Nathalie Kelley.

The series follows the story of Daniel, who works in the family bakery and does what he can to help his Cuban parents and siblings. But when he meets Noa on a wild Miami night, his life is plunged into the spotlight.

New episodes will be released weekly.

Premieres: April 14.



Mishel Prada and Melissa Barerra return in the third season of Vida. The series follows the lives of American-Mexican sisters Lyn and Emma, living in their changing East L.A. neighbourhood. After refurbishing their late mother's bar, the new season picks up with the once-distant siblings still struggling to confront their past, while trying to navigate their new relationships.

New episodes will be released weekly.

Premieres: April 26.

The Last O.G.

If you're in need of a good laugh, season three of The Last O.G. will also be dropping next month. In the season, Tray (Tracy Morgan) is forced to find a new job and place to live after serving his time at a halfway house and having his food truck go up in flames.  He ends up in gentrified Brooklyn with a host of colourful, hipster neighbours, where he begins to give “hood legend” walking tours of the city. Things look like they could change when Tray’s ex-girlfriend Shay (Tiffany Haddish) is presented with the business opportunity of a lifetime.

New episodes will be released weekly.

Premieres: April 8.


British drama series, Pure, is based on Rose Cartwright’s acclaimed biography. The show follows the life of 24-year-old Marnie, who for the past 3,723 days has experienced a barrage of x-rated thoughts. Little does Marnie know, she’s in the grip of a remarkable form of obsessive-compulsive disorder – nicknamed ‘Pure O’. After imagining her parents engrossed in an orgy at their 25th wedding anniversary party, Marnie packs a bag and leaves Scotland for London – desperate to find out what’s wrong with her.


Premieres: March 24.

The Little Drummer Girl

Based on John le Carré’s best-selling book of the same name, The Little Drummer Girl is a love story and thriller. Set in the late 1970s, the show follows Charlie, a young and unfulfilled British actress who meets the mysterious Becker while on holiday in Greece. But his intentions are not what they seem and Charlie becomes entangled in a complex plot devised by spy mastermind, Kurtz. The six-part miniseries stars Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winner Alexander Skarsgård as Becker, twice Academy Award-nominated Michael Shannon as Kurtz, and BAFTA-nominated Florence Pugh as Charlie.

Premieres: April 8.

Mrs Wilson

Mrs Wilson 
Image: PBS.

Mrs Wilson is a powerful three-part drama series inspired by the memoir of actress Ruth Wilson's grandmother. The series is set in 1940s-1960s London and 1930s India, and follows the life of Alison Wilson, who thinks she is happily married until her husband, Alec, dies. A woman then turns up on the doorstep claiming that she is the real Mrs. Wilson. But when Alison tries to prove the validity of her own marriage, she is led into a world of disturbing secrets.

Premieres: April 16.

Doctor Foster

Season two of the award-winning series, Doctor Foster, is also dropping on Stan. This time around, the doctor is attempting to leave her husband Simon’s betrayal in the past and move on. But her life becomes complicated with sexual tensions, destructive obsessions, and the need to create stability for her teenage son. Season two is packed with gripping drama and surprise twists and turns.

Premieres: March 31.

Call The Midwife

The hugely popular drama series, Call the Midwife, returns for season eight.  The show follows the nuns and nurses who care for the expectant mothers of Poplar. Now it's 1964 and the times are changing: from the contraceptive pill and the shadow of the 1967 Abortion Act, to the introduction of a new cancer-screening programme. The nuns and nurses continue to face a variety of challenging issues and for one of them, romance.



If you're looking for something a bit different, Stan is dropping the new series, Ghosts. The comedy is about - you guessed it - ghosts, who inhabit a country mansion after dying there throughout different centuries. Trouble comes knocking when young urban couple Alison and Mike unexpectedly inherit the house and plan to turn it into a hotel. When the ghosts attempt to make the couple leave, Alison and Mike discover the true scale of the project they’ve taken on.

Premieres: March 31.

The Young Offenders

The Young Offenders follows best pals and fun-loving criminals Conor McSweeney and Jock O’Keeffe. They pass their time winding up their principal Barry Walsh by hitting on his daughters or winding up policeman Sergeant Healy by stealing bikes.

Premieres: March 31.

This Time

Speaking of comedy, Alan Partridge returns to This Time to mark the 25th anniversary of his BBC debut.  Presenting This Time 'as live', Alan tries to keep the show going while everything crumbles around him.

Premieres: March 31.


Set in the offices of the ‘Nation Building Authority’, Utopia follows the working lives of a tight-knit team in charge of working on major infrastructure projects. They are asked to come up with plans for everything from new roads and rail lines to airports and high rise urban developments. The comedy series stars Rob Sitch, Celia Pacquola, Kitty Flanagan and Luke McGregor.

Premieres: April 9.


We all know what happened with Brexit by not everyone knows how it all went out down. Benedict Cumberbatch stars in the behind-the-scenes drama about what it was like for politicians behind close doors of the Brexit referendum campaign.  The series follows campaign director Dominic Cummings and his controversial data-driven strategy, which weren't popular with everyone.


Other continuing series in April.


  • Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist


  • Better Call Saul


  • Will & Grace
  • The Bold Type


  • RuPaul's Drag Race


  • Black Monday


Louis Theroux documentaries

That's right, even more of Louis Theroux's documentaries are coming to Stan. The BAFTA award-winning filmmaker has made a name for himself, shining a light on some of the world's most fascinating people and places through his eye-opening investigations. A few of the documentaries coming to Stan next month include Louis Theroux: Dark States - Heroin Town, Louis Theroux: Dark States - Murder in Milwalkee, Louis Theroux: Dark States - Trafficking Sex and Louis Theroux: Talking to Anorexia.

Premieres: March 29.

Leaving Neverland

leaving neverland documentary australia
Michael Jackson and the Robsons. Image: HBO.

The famous two-part documentary explores the separate yet similar experiences of two young boys, James Safechuck, at age 10, and Wade Robson, at age 7, who allege they were sexually abused as children by Michael Jackson. With Safechuck now 42 and Robson now 37, the pair give gut-wrenching interviews about how they were abused.

Stacey Dooley documentaries

English television presenter and documentary filmmaker Stacey Dooley travels the world examining the social issues of the day. Five of Stacey's investigations are coming to Stan this month, including Stacey Dooley Investigates: Fashion's Dirty Secrets and Stacey Dooley Investigates: Second Chance Sex Offenders.

Premieres: March 22.

Feature Image: Stan/ PBS. 

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